What is site buying and selling?

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Monday, May 20, 2019 at 04:40
Site buying and selling (site bibai) is buying and selling of the website and contents of the site possessed by companies and individuals as goods. Also called site M & A.

Since site trading (site M & A) has recently started as a specialized business (around 2005), it is a developing industry with regard to its definition. However, in recent years, there is also a background that websites are being recognized as business value and asset value, and it is also a means to promptly respond to rapidly changing social environment and business environment such as progress of business shift to the web. In addition, it was featured in the media that featured a feature about site buying and selling on the news program.

The criteria for determining the value of a website include profitability, the number of accesses, the number of members, search results and page rank (at search sites), and domain names suitable for access (basically, "early wins" registration) And so on. Considering the cost and time to launch such a good website from scratch, there are buyers who think that it would be more reasonable to buy an existing website, and a site owner who wants to sell their website for various reasons. By doing this, site buying and selling is established.

Buying and selling a site that is an intangible asset requires specialized knowledge and skills at each stage, such as adjusting sellers 'and buyers' desired conditions, assessments and contracts. In particular, in the case of commercial site trading, similar to business transfer (sales of business), complicated and sophisticated legal knowledge such as non-competition and finalization of transferred goods may be required in contracts, and there are trade brokers.




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What is site buying and selling?
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