Definition of bookmaker

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Monday, May 20, 2019 at 04:46
Definition of bookmaker

Bookmaker is a betkeeper in the West. I call it a bookie. In many cases, it means the person who puts a book (book), that is, a Japanese chisel. Although the name is "book maker", it is not a publisher or a bookstore, nor does it mean that the book maker system is adopted, so there are also book makers adopting other odds systems such as the Paris-Mutuel system.

Western gambling is as simple and clear as possible. A game with different payouts due to parental rotation is not preferred. In other words, the bucky is a betkeeper who presents a multiplication rate, not a chest, and attracts a customer's vote, and pays the winner based on the bet result. It's not like a parent, so it's different from the body.

Harry Ogden started at Newmarket Racecourse in England in the 1790s. At first there was resistance from the viewpoint of not being consistent with the history of horse racing, but the number of participants increased gradually. It was approved by the British government in 1960.

Specifically, the bookmaker's forecaster adds odds to horses that are expected to participate in a race (see also the bookmaker system section). The way of setting this magnification is the showpoint of the bookmaker's arm, and of course the magnification varies depending on each bookmaker. In addition, in the big races such as G1, the magnification is given from many months before the race, and it will fluctuate daily. It is also part of the bet to bet on a horse that is expected to run, and will not be refunded if it does not actually run. When a bet is biased or a huge bet is made, the bookmaker prepares against losses by buying bets of peers.

The target of betting on book makers began with horse racing and gradually spread to various professional sports and university sports, but there are non-sports bets as well. The range is quite broad, from the political choices and whereabouts of the war (but in the UK, betting on war is taboo) and whether it snows at Christmas.

Bookmakers have different legal practices in different countries. It is legal and legal in the United Kingdom, and illegal in the United States except in some states such as Nevada. In some countries, such as Singapore and Canada, only public bookmakers are allowed.

In Japan, it is all illegal to buy a voting ticket for public competition from other than the one specified by the law as so-called flea conduct. Although there are no actual dividends paid, there are also cases where punishment has been punished by "baseball betting" or "sumo betting" in which high school baseball that has been giving prizes is a target of betting.


Main target of book maker

Not only major sports such as football, football, baseball and basketball but also sports in general are the subject of major bookings, but they play American presidential elections and game competitions, Academy Award winners and the next James Bond. Actors may also be eligible for booking.



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