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分け前 わけまえ
Word or expression in common usage
noun (common) (futsuumeishi)
  • share
  • portion
  • quota
  • cut


  • a piece of the action
  • a slice of the take
  • allotment
  • bite〈話〉
  • cut
  • dib〈俗〉
  • dividend
  • divvy
  • halvies
  • lot
  • portion
  • proportion
  • quantum
  • rake-off〔軽蔑的な意味で使われることが多い〕
  • share
  • whack


    • onyomiブンフン
    • kunyomiわ.けるわ.けわ.かれるわ.かるわ.かつ
    • meaningpart; minute of time; segment; share; degree; one's lot; duty; understand; know; rate; 1%; chances; shaku/100


  • Japanese 彼は利益の分け前を要求した。
    English He claimed his share of the profits.
  • Japanese 彼は自分の分け前に満足せずにはいられなかった。
    English He could not help being satisfied with his lot.
  • Japanese 彼はためらわずに分け前を取った。
    English He did not hesitate in taking his share of the money.
  • Japanese 彼に分け前を払うのは当然だ。
    English It is just that we should pay his share.
  • Japanese 私は父の財産の少ないほうの分け前を与えた。
    English I was given a minor share of my father's wealth.
  • Japanese 君の分け前は20ドルだ。
    English Your allotment is $20.
  • Japanese その分け前で不足ならもう少し色をつけよう。
    English If you are not satisfied with your share, I'll make it a bit more attractive.
  • Japanese すべての競合会社がパイの分け前を得ようとしています。
    English All the competitors are trying to get their piece of the pie.
  • Japanese お互いに利益の分け前にあずかることにしよう。
    English Let's agree to share in the profits.