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noun (common) (futsuumeishi)
nouns which may take the genitive case particle `no'
  • season (e.g. fruit, fish)
Word or expression in common usage
noun (common) (futsuumeishi)
  • ten-day period


    • onyomiジュンシュン
    • meaningdecameron; 10-day period; season (for specific products)


  • Japanese その結果、5月下に不安神経症や不眠症と診断された。
    English As a result, he was diagnosed with insomnia and anxiety neurosis near the end of May.
  • Japanese 予定日は1月中頃です。
    English I'm expecting my baby in the middle of January.
  • Japanese 彼は5月中に日本に戻れるでしょう。
  • Japanese 今は松茸がでお安いですよ。
    English Matsutake mushrooms are in season now so they are cheap.
  • Japanese イチゴは今がです。
    English Strawberries are in season now.
  • Japanese 8月下に彼らは繁殖のために長い旅に出発します。
    English In late August, they set off on a long journey for breeding.
  • Japanese 7月の上は、海に行くのは早いかな?
    English I wonder if the first week or so of July is too early to go to the beach.
  • Japanese 私は6月初にトロントに来たものです。
    English I came to Toronto at the beginning of June.
  • Japanese さくらんぼは6~7月がだ。