tRNA ティーアールエヌエー
noun (common) (futsuumeishi)
  • transfer RNA
  • tRNA



Origins and Early Evolution of the tRNA MoleculeAbstract Share & Cite This ArticleRelated ArticlesArticle MetricsArticle Access StatisticsCommentsCitationsCh 16, 17: Gene To ProteintRNA genes rapidly change in evolution to meet novel translational demandstRNARNA Structure and Function 11.2 Gene Expression   From DNA to RNA to ProteinTranscriptionTranslation: An OverviewTrna Structurei am soDna And RnatRNAWhat is tRNA In the cytoplasm, amino acids become attached to transfer RNA (tRNA) molecules. Each tRNA is specific for one amino acid.One ancestor for two codes viewed from the perspective of two complementary modes of tRNA aminoacylationSection P THE GENETIC CODE AND tRNA
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