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hi spanz , i found wrong tag or bug when i was taking picture practise and it got 2… - Feed Post from furanku to spanz

hi spanz , i found wrong tag or bug when i was taking picture practise
and it got 2 correct answer 1 with katakana , the other 1 using Kanji.

here's the link
posted by furanku

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  • spanz
    Thank you for the report! Yes, that's a double bug. Lucky you! XD

    First, the question is not related to the photo. That happens when you answer too quickly. The current JCJP server is not very fast and some of the photos are huge and need to be scaled, so if you answer the questions before the related images are completely loaded, the photos keep accumulating and sooner or later a delayed image shows in a wrong place. It depends on the photo size.
    Beeant-san is aware of it, but it's a difficult problem to solve. Besides changing the server (the boss wants to use the donations to pay for a better server), there's some possible fixes, all of them hard to implement. I think this problem has not high priority right now.
    The second problem is also known: the repeated option.
    In your case, there's two possible correct tags, one in Katakana and one in Kanji.
    I've seen this very same problem with identical options, and there's even a possibility that the four options can be repeated.
    Some of the repeated tags can be: Butterfly, eye, cloud, building...
    There's nothing wrong with the tags, as they come from different photos.
    The problem is that there's a relation between the chosen photo and its tag, but the wrong options are selected at random. As it is now, the system can chose a photo and a tag, and then three random tags from other photos. If one of the wrong tags (or two or three) is identical to the good one, we have a problem. Only the one from the photo is the correct one, and you can't tell it apart.
    I reported this to the Boss some time ago, but it's not fixed yet. :(

    There's nothing we can do about it. I guess it's in the TO DO list.
  • furanku
    aw, i dont really know about the technical problem but i hope it can be solved soon , since my IT knowledge only limited to C++
  • furanku
    anyway thanks for the respon, that was clear explanation
  • spanz
    Same as me. I use only C/C++.