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Beeant, are you planning to add a Discord server for Japanese Class JP? You can also assign… - Feed Post from kekkou to beeant

Beeant, are you planning to add a Discord server for Japanese Class JP? You can also assign moderators to delete spam messages and multiple channels to categorize subjects. The chat area here is good but no way to see if someone is typing now, and if the JCJP server goes down, this is another way to update the server status. Notifications also go out if we go into Discord settings for that server.
posted by kekkou

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  • Nottu
    That's actually a great idea. That way people could easily practice spoken Japanese too with other members that use the site
  • Ic3phantom
    That's a good idea
  • beeant
    Hello kekkou, yes I think we need an official Discord server for JapaneseClass.jp but I'm afraid nobody would join. Anybody who would join JapaneseClass.jp official discord server, please comment on this thread.
  • kekkou
    I will join the Discord server.
  • NatiAris
    I'd join
  • beeant
    Thank you NatiAris! Who else would join?
  • calmylake
    i would also join!! 私も!
  • beeant
    Thank you calmylake! anybody else?
  • Nottu
    I'd love to join
  • sansmaeda
    i would join
  • ChadLad
    i would join!!
  • beeant
    thank you Nottu, sansmaeda and ChadLad. We got 7 now! anybody else?
  • Yoshipon
    I would join : )
  • Arkhnroar
    I'd love to join too :)
  • beeant
    thank you Yoshipon and Arkhnroar! we got 9 people now. I think we can start with 10 people!
  • Ic3phantom
    I would join
  • Deathbugg
    I would join as well
  • Aetherr
    İ would join
  • biribiri
    I'd join too, probably... Tho as a ghost member.. and to complain about the app :p
  • yuubi_
    oh I would join (:
  • scarpool
    I would absolutely join
  • mirii
    that’s a great idea, you can also voice chat to practice talking
  • doublehelix
    Has there been any progress on the Discord? I would love to join it and talk to folks learning Japanese.
  • beeant
    Hello! thank you very much for all your interests in joining the official discord server.

    I just created the server. I haven't setup anything. If there is anyone who has experience in setting up / managing discord server, please let me know, we need your help!

    Please join https://discord.gg/eXGtSpECUb