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Glad to find the admin! (unintentionally though ^^) I just came to your site today.… - Feed Post from suaracahaya to beeant

Glad to find the admin! (unintentionally though ^^)
I just came to your site today. Great site, can't wait to learn more - but really need to restrict the time for myself as I tend to aim for higher EXP, while in reality I should do other things as well... :)
Hope you don't mind my friend request!
posted by suaracahaya

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  • suaracahaya
    Please allow me to contribute a very little thing ^^

    In the Introduction Page, there's a little mistype:
    "First the user has to learn the vocabulaies or kanji..."
    --> vocabularies, desu ne :)

    Keep up the spirit~
  • suaracahaya
    Wouldn't it be nice if user can post a comment on his own "wall".. say, like updating his status?

    I know this is really common on other sites like this, but.. maybe you're considering on it, so..^^
  • suaracahaya
    Thanks for the friend confirm!!! :D Apparently I'm lucky to have landed here just a day after this feature is launched~

    (and now I look like a weird person commenting on her own thread..he he :p)
  • beeant
    Hello suaracahaya,

    Thank you for finding me =D.

    Please learn Japanese more using JCJP. I would be really glad.

    From your current progress, I suggest that you should move on to level 2 =D

    Yes, there are so many English grammatical mistakes in the site instructions, I should fix them ASAP.

    Something like shouts? status update like on facebook or twitter?

    That would be nice.
    I will apply them ASAP, I start on planning them. Please wait and look forward to it.

    Thank You,
  • suaracahaya
    Yep.. shouts, something like that.
    And moreover, an user-editable profile page? To give us a glimpse on who this person is, and why he/she is learning Japanese... Thus, we'll be getting closer to each other.

    Really, this site has great potential not to be just a GREAT Japanese learning tool, but a GREAT Japanese learning community too, in my opinion :-)
  • suaracahaya
    Wow beeant, even your own location is unknown. I think you'd better do something about it ;)

    *as a user who could just request and request... please take your time and rest well,,we all wouldn't want you to be overwhelmed..^^
  • beeant

    Thank you for your trust on JCJP's good potentials.

    That is two of the current visions of JCJP site, to provide a Japanese Learning Tool, and to build a Online Japanese Learning Community.
    It has been great, there are many users who have participated in the community. However there are still high percentage of users who are confused in using this and never participate to ask questions, etc.

    Maybe your suggestion is can be a good tool for easy and simple communications (Status message)

    Or maybe you can also be the catalyst of bringing JCJP users together to participate in the community.

    I will try hard to keep on improving the site.

    Thank You,