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おはよう beeant, I have a question to ask. I was practicing hiragana today… - Feed Post from BiaKendo to beeant

おはよう beeant,

I have a question to ask. I was practicing hiragana today and i encountered a problem as shown on the screenshot http://i95.photobucket.com/albums/l156/maplestoryman/bug-1.jpg the question is if either ju count as correct answer or only one of them does? This might also happen with jo and ja.

BTW the new hiragana/katakana lesson is awesome, but i think its a little bit de-motivating for people who are new to Japanese because the first thing they see is a huge wall of symbols. What about dividing it into few chapters? Like first charter they would learn only basic hiragana/katakana on second they would learn hiragana/katakana with diacritics and on last chapter they would be able to practice whole hiragana/katakana.
posted by BiaKendo

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  • beeant

    Thank you for the bug report. I have fixed it.

    Ya, I agree that it is kind of too much for a beginner, that was why I only show a simple hiragana/katakana table before.

    But hiragana/katakana is just the beginning, it is not where you got stuck for so long. As long as you are familiar with it, it is recommended to move on to start doing vocabulary/kanji chapters.

    If you are still having difficulties doing those, you can always refer to the hiragana/katakana table. You can print it out or open it in another window.