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New toys. Yay. - Feed Post by Stray_Mongrel

New toys. Yay.
posted by Stray_Mongrel

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  • beeant
    please enjoy! I am still waiting for your clearer re-explanation for your requests. but if you cancel your plan, please tell me. I will re-read your request.
  • Stray_Mongrel
    Sorry, I got a little ill, and then UPS delivered Pokemon White. My Nephew has been dying to see it, so I wanted to get a little way into it so I'd have something interesting to show him this weekend, so it's been sponging up alot of my free time.

    What I had meant to do was provide screenshots of what the site has now, altered using Photoshop to depict what I had envisioned.

    My ability to budget my time has been dismal this week.




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