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Hey, wow, today has been total hell. :-( Just everything was going wrong left and… - Feed Post from VGBDWagner to KoJack666

Hey, wow, today has been total hell. :-(
Just everything was going wrong left and right. I just finally got everything caught up here. I could really use a hug, X-(
Hope Ringo Matsuri is being awesome. Don't have too much fun on that Zipper.
posted by VGBDWagner

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  • KoJack666
    Damn must suck being the head of things. :( Yea Ringo Matsuri is cool i guess its kinda a downer its not that great this year, i dont think we're going today. Well we're coming back tomorrow, we miss you guys and miss Japanese class.
  • VGBDWagner
    NOT GOING TODAY!?! Oh man... I was working so hard so I could come and stuff and you guys aren't even going. Damn. It must be pretty bad then, eh?
    You know, if you really 'miss class,' you better be practicing SOME while you're there! I expect great things now. ;-)
  • KoJack666
    DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!!! lol Tom (my step dad) said to keep me practice hes holding me at gun point...lol well we went to Ringo Matsuri cuz we got VIP writst bands haha. I got you a present too
  • VGBDWagner
    By the way... this was Jake and my lesson this evening. Better catch up!!
  • KoJack666
    lol dude that was amazing, and i thought you werent going to have lessons with out me there?! you LYIER!!!!!!!
  • VGBDWagner
    Guess I'll have to make it up to you ;-)
  • KoJack666
    yes you better be sorry! :( i miss you guys and idk if im coiming back tonight or tomorrow... :( and yes you got to make it up to me, I'm the one thats supposed to be lerning it.