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did you see the race between KurisuKei and StonerPenguin? Was exciting! :D - Feed Post by Gonzah

did you see the race between KurisuKei and StonerPenguin?
Was exciting! :D
posted by Gonzah

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  • beeant
    congrats for being user of the month!
  • spanz
    Do you mean Pastell vs StonerPenguin for the third place?
    Stoner was short by less than 500 EXP!
  • StonerPenguin
    Crap, I thought I had more time! >< And yes I kinda was racing against KurisuKei in particular but my computer locked up this morning so I guess I've lost this time ;p But next time fo' sho'! XD
  • StonerPenguin
    Oh yeah, and congrats to the Users of the Month! Especially Gonzah :D
  • Pastell
    I didn't even notice that D: that's a lot more than I thought I did
  • beeant
    spanz please keep your secret method quite. The race has started.
  • Gonzah
    oh my JCJP's idols are congratulating me!
    Im so glad!\(^0^)/
  • StonerPenguin
    You put in the time and the practice so you deserve it! ;) And we're idols? Haha Why thank you! XD
  • Gonzah
    the race still keep on? No holidays for anyone?
    Besides, spanz do you think now is a good time for claim to the boss my prize?
  • spanz
    Not yet. He's sewing it right now.
  • beeant
    Gonzah, I'm sorry, I have not decide about the prizing yet.

    Do you want anything?
    This can be fun if I can provide some prizes.

    Let's decide for the prizes for the current winners and next winners.
  • beeant
    However, I haven't dare to give out any presents yet since there is still some holes to fix.

    I will get the prize ready when everything is secured.
  • Gonzah
    dont worry beeant you're doing a great job ;)
    but if you wanna you can sendme a napkin signed by you