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Oh my gosh! Spanz what happened with your diabolic level exp!? (°¬°) - Feed Post by Gonzah

Oh my gosh! Spanz what happened with your diabolic level exp!? (°¬°)
posted by Gonzah

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  • spanz
    I'm going now for 777777! Mwahaha!

    No, I promised Darknaviexe and StonerPenguin I would finish my own Big Note quiz.
    Until now, only Stoner has finished it.
    It's way easier than I thought. Long, but not that difficult.

    By the way, the Race is going well for you. I think you're in the first place!
  • Gonzah
    you dont wanna join us? i heard something about beeant will give a ipad for the prize for the current next winner :D
  • spanz
    Did you hear it with your nekomimi?
    For the moment, I don't wanna race with you. I like to see your sexy legs from behind :D
  • Gonzah
    you blush me ('-'*)
    so you are the referee of this race?i hope u will good for maths
  • spanz
    何? o_O!
  • Gonzah
    yeah maths
  • spanz
    No, I wonder why you think we have or need a referee. And why me?
    I'm just an impartial observer, from inside the track!

    By the way, don't worry. If I have to count something, I'll use an i-abacus. :P
  • spanz
    Finally, I went for 777777!
    It won't last long, though. Next stupid step: 1000000.
    Still, dunno if I'm gonna race or not.
  • StonerPenguin
    Spanz is going for gold! =D
  • spanz
    Nooo! I'm going for silver!
    Hi ho Silver, away! 8]
  • spanz
    Hey Gonzah! I'm racing!
    And according to my i-abacus, I'm ahead of you!