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Konbanwa! I'm new here :) nice to meet ya all :) - Feed Post by Aryaluna

Konbanwa! I'm new here :) nice to meet ya all :)
posted by Aryaluna

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  • WillemStyle

    I hope you will have a good time here :)
  • Aryaluna
    arigatou!! thank you :) hope I'll be a second level soon ˜˜˜˜
  • WillemStyle
    One tip: Don't go rush to get early levels. It's good to remember each word or kanji you see.

    What i sometimes do is writing down each word/kanji and it's meaning. It really helps alot for remembering those words!
  • Aryaluna
    thank you 4 the help :)

    Something else: how come I can't upload my avatar pic?? ç___ç It says there's an error ç___ç
  • WillemStyle
    I see you have managed to do it.

    Sorry for my slow response :P hehe
  • Aryaluna
    thank you ^^ me too, sorry XD Now I'm level 2^^