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Hi, I hope you're fine. Just for your information: I've been translating… - Feed Post from spanz to beeant

Hi, I hope you're fine.
Just for your information:
I've been translating most of Vocabulary level 6 into Spanish and I've found several (more than 10, I've not counted them) misplaced (they belong to another word) Spanish vocabulary translation suggestions.
Some of them are mine, some not. Sometimes, all the suggestions are misplaced. Sometimes, only my own suggestions. Sometimes, only the other users' suggestions.
Most of entries are right, but a dozen or so are plainly misplaced. The wrong ones are not consecutive. They appear sparsely.
It smells like a corrupted database. At least the suggestions table.
I bet it's the same problem that KurisuKei discovered some time ago in the German database.
Please, check it when you have time.
Once my translations are finished, I'll take some tests & practice to see if there are problems or not.
Take care!
posted by spanz

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  • spanz
    Done. Vocabulary Level 6 translated and checked.
    God news: all seems to be ok (there's nothing misplaced).
    The corruption affects (affected?) only the translation suggestions, so it's not very important.
  • beeant
    Hello, thank you so much for your contribution. I'm sorry for late reply.. As I have been working on some other stuffs to get a better server :( I really need those good server/ cloud to improve JCJP.

    I have some other feature implementation in mind, such as reading feature. Where the user need to read a short news and the user can do test/practice of the vocabularies included in the news, but it requires good processing power...

    what do you think about the idea?
  • spanz
    Glad to see you're fine.

    Your reading feature sounds good, but difficult to implement if the news text, questions and answers are all random.
    In a random scenary, there would be many dictionary accesses (and many errors!).

    If the news & questions are not random (that is, if they're prepared beforehand), then I guess it's technically the same as a regular vocabulary question.
    Instead of it, you could prepare some grammar questions.

    A grammar / comprehension test would be much more exciting, but obviously, such a thing cannot be automated yet. Maybe in 100 years...
  • beeant
    thank you, the life in Tokyo has gone back to normal now. But people who are in the disaster area are still in trouble :( they need warmth...

    I got a parser to parse Japanese sentences into words. So there should not be a problem with question preparation.

    The problem is just accessing the dictionary could be heavy for the server. Because all the parsed words needs to be translated.

    Anyway, I have another thing in mind. If you have ever heard about http://4chan.org , what do you think if I modify our Bulletin to be similar to 4chan?
  • spanz
    Uff! You have too many things in progress (at least in your mind!). Maybe you should go for one at a time.

    Our bulletin is too rigid (no individual replies, no notifications, no searches), so any kind of modification would be probably positive.

    Speaking of notifications, they're quite unreliable. Sometimes, we got e-mails, sometimes not. Sometimes, a notification (and its associated e-mail) is doubled for no reason.
    For example, your 2 last replies above came duplicated, and I got also 4 e-mails. This bug is not new, it happened before, a month ago.

    I don't know 4chan. I'll look at it and tell you something later.

    About the reading feature, I have a question.
    I guess the parser just divides the text strings, and then you have to look for the parts in a dictionary. If they're found, you have several question candidates. If not, you have to choose (maybe from a news source) another sentence.
    The dictionaries don't categorize the words (apart from the P mark) so the words fetched can be easy, or really difficult.
    Such a system doesn't fit with our levels system.
    How do you plan to adapt the questions to the user's level?
  • spanz
    Some (shallow) thoughts about 4chan:

    Posting images is nice, but not really important here.

    The delete feature seems to be pretty dangerous. If you delete a thread wich already have replies, do all of the replies disappear?

    You can't reply to another reply. (just like our current system)

    Quoting is strange (many rules to learn).

    Irregular layout (images and text lenght seem to affect the width).

    I can't find a search function.
    (just like our current system)

    Showing many partially spread threads is confusing.

    Anonymous posting can be acceptable in 4chan, but not here.

    All in all, I don't like it very much. I guess its purpose is too different.

    Our current bulletin system is not that bad. IMHO, it mainly lacks a search function, (maybe) a controled deletion / edit function and a good notification system.

    Anyway, I feel the bulletin is not a critical priority matter.