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Hi, I just wanted to send you an e-mail letting you know I made just a… - Feed Post from XBound24 to beeant


I just wanted to send you an e-mail letting you know I made just a little donation to Japaneseclass via PayPal. (I would have preferred to send this as a private e-mail, but the admin e-mail bounced it back to me.) I really don't need anything for it - I really appreciate your having made the website. It's a great resource and it's helping me a lot in my desperate attempt to become a literate, functioning member of society. The site is nicely unbuggy, which is always appreciated, and very well designed and easy to use. Really, I just wanted to say thank you. You've done a good thing! And as I suspect you're about my age, your site makes me feel vastly underaccomplished, as though I should have more life goals. I mean that in the most complimentary of ways! Anyway, though I doubt I'd be of much help, if there's any way I could help you out, I would be glad to. I know running the site likely takes a lot of your time and effort.

Many thanks,
- Hayley

P.S. Have you changed the playback method recently? The buttons all changed appearance a few days ago and now don't work. I'm wondering if it's just my system - I think I updated Chrome at approximately the same time they stopped working, but I'm not sure. Also, since you so graciously asked for bug reports, I've found that the google translate button still doesn't work on the oblivion tests for me. And, lastly, occasionally when I go to take a quiz, instead of opening in the floating window, it opens the quiz as a page by itself - without any way to close it or go back to the site, save for retyping it into the address bar. I haven't tried it in any other browsers, so it could just be a Chrome thing. Still, all fairly minor problems. Keep up the good work!
posted by XBound24

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  • beeant
    Hello Hayley,

    Thank you very much for your donation! It means a lot. I'm sorry about the email, I have not set it up yet.

    I'm glad that JCJP can help your Japanese learning. I'm trying to keep on improving the site by adding more features and resources such as trends.

    Yes! We are about the same age, I was born in 1987 too :D
    Thank you so much for your compliment. I don't know what to say. Your perfect English, makes me feel nervous.

    Please don't feel under accomplished, You must've done a good job in something that you are interested in, something for yourself as well as for others.

    I also think that there are many other 87s who have a lot done more. So we have to keep up with them too.

    Anyway, by using this site, you are helping to keep me motivated. You can also help me by giving feedback too. And after the collected donations can afford a better server, your donation will help me, and other JCJP users too.

    I'm sorry with the bug, I will fix it as soon as possible.

    If you have any feature suggestions, please do not hesitate to tell me.

    Thank You,
  • beeant
    Hello, I'm sorry for my late fix on the Google translate bug for Kanji test in Oblivion list.

    I have fixed it.

    Thank You =D
  • XBound24
    Ah, thank you beeant! I appreciate all your work! And don't worry about your English - it's excellent and much, much better than my Japanese! You are running a great website here.

    Thank you!