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ダッカちゃん~ :P - Feed Post from Jessy to memyselfiamwei

ダッカちゃん~ :P
posted by Jessy

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  • memyselfiamwei
  • Jessy
    やった!元気よ :3 あなた?
  • memyselfiamwei
  • Jessy
    はははは わかった ^^'
    勉強はいいよ:)hmm i'm supposed to finish in November but depending on what happens with credit I may have to stay longer. Things took a turn for the better with that thanks to NUFS :D あなた?
  • memyselfiamwei
    They've been really bad at updating us, and now they want to hold a meeting.. which I can't go to 'cos I'm in the wrong country and it would cost me too much to go for a 2 hr meeting. I don't know what's going on at all.
    I wish everything was like NUFS <3
    つまり、meh! :P でもあなた、がんばってね?Only 7 months to go for you, hopefully ;3
  • Jessy
    aww that mega sucks :( oh I know right! <3 There are so many people that could learn from Japan's efficiency.
    haaaaai genbarimasu yo! for everyone :) I'm hoping so! >.<' It's not like I haven't fought this opponent before :3 *hugs*
  • Jessy
    ganbarimasu* even =_='
  • memyselfiamwei
    Do not be felled by a mere typo, darling ;P
    We strive on, eh? Good luck to you :P
  • Jessy
    haha I won't! :D Thanks :) Godd luck to you too! :3