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Hi, I'm new here, and I have a question. I tried lesson one on vocabulary, and already knew most… - Feed Post by EchoGreen

Hi, I'm new here, and I have a question. I tried lesson one on vocabulary, and already knew most of the words, however: I can't read hiragana or katakana. (and of course not kanji, but that I'll learn later when I have some basic knowledge) The problem for me is that there is no lesson for hiragana or katakana, only a chart. And a chart is a lot of information to deal with at once. Any tips since not knowing the alphabet leaves me at pretty much guessing on the test and that feels like major cheating. ._.
posted by EchoGreen

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  • Eyeball_Kid
    This book was amazing for me http://www.3anet.co.jp/english/books/text_e_k_hiragana.html
    I don't know if you can still get it though :/

    I'll try looking up some free stuff online
  • Eyeball_Kid
    There's a nice overview here

    And here are some basic flash cards
  • EchoGreen
    Thank you! :D I'll try them and see if I improve!
  • Mistwalker

    Find it quite good to set www.manythings.org/japanese/daily/ as your home page as well.
  • EchoGreen
    Thank you so much! :)
  • Mistwalker
    Learn hiragana 1st as its something you need to know to move forward. The chart is useful as it groups them and they are fairly standard - sort of in 14 groups rather than 90 odd characters to remember.
  • EchoGreen
    Yeah I studied Hiragana and Katakana like 7-8 years ago (lack of useage made me forget almost everything except for the vowels and some others) And then aswell I started with hiragana just to be able to write and read handwriting. And thank you again for the link, it was a very effective game/quiz!
  • Kupo
    It's strange how many programs ask you the same Kana over and over again while some others will never asked. That's the first site I found which doesn't do so and thus I learned them there.
  • EchoGreen
    Thank you! Practicing like crazy over here now to be able to read the questions. :)
  • purenarcotic
    My favourite: http://www.realkana.com/
  • EchoGreen
    Thank you! :D
  • almostautumn
    123Japanese.com has a very detailed set-up for both katakana and hiragana. Shows you the stroke order and pronunciation. I came here to learn kanji, but I'd say that sit is best for simply remembering and learning the basic characters.