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I was reading your conversation with Ronin about getting some more help with sentence structures… - Feed Post from supersensei to Medyrius

I was reading your conversation with Ronin about getting some more help with sentence structures and you provided this link http://www.guidetojapanese.org/learn/complete

I wanted to say thank you for the extra help. I'm still newer to this site but I've had a lot of fun so far. I hope to get to the same level as you one day. It's funny since you're Near as well so that's who I will always think I'm competing with. ha ha
posted by supersensei

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  • Medyrius
    I'm glad I could help you guys ;)

    I didn't know there was this much japanese lovers around the globe until I found JCJP...
    It's such a great idea to combine learning with xp earning. It feels like a MMO and yet in the end, all you do is learning...

    I hope we'll be able to speak japanese someday. Gambarimashou!

    By the way, since you're in competition with Near, does it mean you were on Kira's side?

  • supersensei
    It does feel very much like a game. I think that helps me get into it because I love video games so if I'm learning from one then there you go.

    I was on L's side. I understood Kira's ideals and some of them I agreed with, but in the end, Kira was no better than the many he killed himself.

    As far as Near goes, I see him as a genius that I wish to overcome or at least match. So of course you having him as your avatar makes me think of you as a rival that I wish to overcome.

    You also seem to be really nice and helpful so I hope we can be friends as well.
  • Medyrius
    I see now but you've got yourself a pretty tough rival there... The near boy is quite something you know...
    Which is not really my case lol. I'm sure I'm affordable if you give it your best... I'll be waiting for you in the top 10 then ;) Gambarinasai!

    I'll be happy to be of any assist to you and, as far as I'm concerned, we're friends already ;)

    So you like video games huh? what kind exactly?
  • supersensei
    I'll rise to the top one day.(That totally feels like an anime thing to say. :P)

    I'm glad we can be friends as well. I can definitely stand to get at least one on here!

    I play all sorts of games with the exception of sports and racing games. Mario Kart but that's mostly it. I'm currently into Sega Genesis games. I'm trying to catch up with the games I never got to play before.

    And yes I like pokemon as well since you can tell I have Lucario as my avatar.

    What games do you like to play?
  • Medyrius
    Totally! ^^ And it would sound like : Itsuka ore ga kanarazu Namba 1 ni naru...

    Oh I couldn't have guessed about your avatar since I missed the pokemon wave...
    I'm not into animes since too long, just three years to be precise and until then I thought that Dragon ball was the only anime worth watching lol

    And the same goes for games too... I mean the great games out there... I haven't had the chance of having consoles and so... But I've always kind of enjoyed playing computer games and used to frenquent arcades a lot... ^^

    My favourite game types are mainly action and beat'em all... I don't like sports games unless I play it with some other people.

    What I'm currently playing is monster hunter 3rd on PSP and since the european version isn't yet relased, I'm using the japanese version 90%-french-patched...
    It helps in reading practice since the ingame dialogues are not translated... But I'm still mada mada ^^
  • supersensei
    I am a huge Monster Hunter fan! I've been playing portable 3rd for almost a year now since it came out. In fact I specialize in screen shot taking from the game. http://supersensei.deviantart.com/gallery/24671333 It's a hobby of mine but I've had a lot of fun doing it.
  • Medyrius
    Sugoooooi!!!$_$ Man, your pics are so AWESOME!! The game looks even more attractive and fun...

    It's kind of an entertaining hobby you have there... I happened to want to do so with videos but somehow I never put it into action... Guess I'm to lazy for that lol

    It's not been too long since I started MHP3rd though... I've been waiting for the EUR version until last july... And I'm playing very slowly since I don't have partners arounds, which would make it a lot more interesting I must say...

    I've only played MHFU (2ndG) before but I kind of like the improvements they made... I also think that some of the new monsters are way too easy but they're so funny to fight with...

    Would be great if I could have your hunter card ^^
    To get to know about your play style and so... But you can still tell me right :P