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Konbanwa ne^^ I see.I am studying on a book - genki [which you can find on the web, as… - Feed Post from roysunshine to Medyrius

Konbanwa ne^^
I see.I am studying on a book - genki [which you can find on the web, as pdf], probably the best one around, and actually handcopying the second one - for the grammar part, and using that Obenkyo for the kanji stroke order/learning part.

Uhm, it is through http://bluestacks.com/download.html
But I would recommend using it on a mobile. Because the only way for properly testing kanji and learning them is to do it frequently, and how frequently happens that people play mobile games in spare time?I just deleted all games and kept only this, and it really improved my learning. I wasn't too a fan of mobile before, but now..after 450 kanji learned this way, I've changed my mind XD
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  • Medyrius
    Thanks for the book info, I just needed some new materials to go further in the study...

    Wow 450! sugei yo ;) I don't know exactly how much I know but it sure must be under 450 ^^

    It sure helps a lot when you can enjoy the learning through that sort of applications... I'm zettai ni not forgetting to use that when I get the proper mobile.

    In reality, I practically do the same... In fact, I often happen to write kanjis on almost everything whenever I'm holding a pen xD, it becomes pretty messy sometimes and some people are always asking me if I'm learning chinese XD...

    So, what is it you're laerning japanese for, by the way?