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konnichiwa skyesan im really bad at english, but if possible u can add me, i can help… - Feed Post by Kimio

konnichiwa skyesan
im really bad at english, but if possible u can add me, i can help u if u want.
posted by Kimio

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  • Skye
    Eh? I'm not sure if that was directed at me, Kimio-san but thank you very much! ^^ Um..how do you add someone? xD
    Oh! And, yoroshiku onegaishimasu. ^^ Skye desu, hajimemashite.
  • Kimio
    Yo. yeah that was directly to u xD
    ma, yoroshikune
  • Kimio
    so, what u think about the japanese? too hard? too easy? how is it
  • Skye
    Ah...it's really hard for me, actually but I'm enjoying learning the language! Haha, it's pretty fun and since I really love almost everything about Japan, it's definitely something I want to see through to the finish. But I'm still really new at this, and I don't know much yet, actually. ^^;
    But it's intriguing. Hmm, what about you, Kimio-san?
  • Skye
    Eh? I think my comment didn't post...haha, gomen. Hmm, well, let's summarize what I'd said. I think it's really hard for me but I'm definitely going to keep trying! I want to see this through to the finish, please guide me along as well, if you don't mind. ^^
  • Kimio
    na, i'll be happy in help you, cuz its very fun to speak with another persons, specially when these persons are from another country XD
    japanese its not a difficult language to learn. But, because of the words that is completely different from english. when u got the hang, this gonna be very easy. I'll help as much as possible, so ganbarou!
  • Skye
    Are you fluent in the language already, Kimio-san? ∑(O_O;)
  • Kimio
    my family is japanese and i studed in a school of japanese(for those who came from Japan). so i learned a lot from then.
  • Kimio
    hey sora (can i call you this way xD, cuz skye = sky = sora xD)do u like japanese music? if you like, what band you like more
  • Skye
    D: honto ni?! Sugoi! I'm very jealous of you xD and yes, you may call me Sora :) it's a really cool name ; w; so you are Japanese? That's really amazing, so where are you now? You don't study English that much? And yes, I do like Japanese music...there's so many that I like, I can't really choose a favorite. The genre also varies from Jrock to Jpop but it's mainly those two types. :) what about you? Do you have a favorite?
  • Kimio
    i learned english by computer and because of games, songs, etc. but I'm still bad english.
    Favortie bands..hm theres a lot? Scandal, one ok rock, one draft, redballon, uverworld, funky monkey babys