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hi..anyway to update my score/stats to facebook? - Feed Post by neojapanese

hi..anyway to update my score/stats to facebook?
posted by neojapanese

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  • beeant
    Hi neojapanese,

    I'm not sure with what you mean exactly.

    In JCJP, after you finish chapter test, you can share your result to facebook.

    Do you have any better ways/suggestion of sharing/updating scores/stats to facebook?

    Thank you
  • neojapanese
    Hello...i was thinking something more in the lines of Farmland or other games that give a cute virtual trophy for each lvl you pass.
  • beeant
    JCJP has that for each chapter you passed/failed. but not for level.

    As JCJP does not have any artist to draw those cute trophies, it would take a little more time to implement those. I'm really sorry.

    Thank you for your input, I will try to find some artists so that user can share more things on facebook. :)

    What else do you want to share other than level up?