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It would be nice to have a webmaster's e-mail. Also from a learner's point of view, it would help… - Feed Post by pinguina

It would be nice to have a webmaster's e-mail. Also from a learner's point of view, it would help to know if you are using particular teaching materials to select the vocabulary and kanji. In statistics I can see there are 1400 odd kanjis. What list are you using?
posted by pinguina

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  • beeant

    Welcome to JCJP.
    You can contact webmaster through my comment box, or Forum.

    What do you mean by odd kanjis?
  • beeant
    Anyway, you can reach me through email too, [email protected]

    Thank You
  • Jadore_Violet
    odd just means plus or around. you say it if you dont know the exact number but you know its more than watever. like I might say "there are 50 odd volumes of the manga Naruto".
  • beeant
    Yes, I know what odd means. But in this context, does it mean kanji that is not supposed to be there or in any particular chapter?
  • Jadore_Violet
    no it means 1400+ or around 1400. they are not comenting on the nature of the kanji only the number.
  • Jadore_Violet
    "there must be 20 or more mugs on that shelf" could be said like "there must be 20 odd mugs on that shelf"
  • beeant
    Oh, please don't worry about that. The number of Kanji/vocabularies vary on each chapter. But It will be uniformed after level 5.

    The reason for this is because, it has been like that since JCJP started for the first time. And there are many users who has done chapter tests with those kanji/vocabulary in those chapters. So it is difficult to make make the number of kanji/vocabularies uniformed in early chapters.

    For the future it will be more uniformed.
  • pinguina
    "1400 odd kanjis" means "there are around (ぐらい) 1400 kanjis".

    I'm not interested in the number of kanjis, just where they come from.
    Are you using the Japanese schools' kanji list? Or the JLTP list? Or do you follow a textbook (Genki, Minna no nihongo or other)?
    Stating what list you are using would I think give more credibility to the site.

    Also, has anyone completed all levels? If so, how long did it take them? (I think you should advertise this fact if you know it)

  • beeant
    Yes, credibility is important.
    The kanji list were actually taken from my various of sources, such as Japanese learning book for University (non-日本人), and Kanji that is learned by Japanese students in their school (日本人). They are similar but not the same, so I tried to find the similarities between them and resort them into chapters.
  • beeant
    As for the second question, yes there are many users who has complete all 6 levels. and more levels will come soon.
  • pinguina
    Do you know how long it took them to complete all levels? Thanks