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http://www.realkana.com/ guys i… - Feed Post by junglehatsumo

http://www.realkana.com/ guys i had problems with learning hiragana and katakana.this helps.
posted by junglehatsumo

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  • and_strider
    Repeat it every time you can. I learnt All hiragana in 5days and katakana in 2 weeks. Ganbatte kudasai ne!
  • junglehatsumo
    today i finished katakana. i started 3 day ago.but i had free time.this site and that site helps great.it is hard to learn from list.(hiragana seems harder :d).btw what is extended katakana?do i have to learn it?
  • and_strider
    Yes, you must learn all kana.
    In my opinion hiragana are easier than katakana :)