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THis site is cool but user stats are inaccurate. People are cheating and botting to get higher… - Feed Post by Senna

THis site is cool but user stats are inaccurate. People are cheating and botting to get higher combo and level.
posted by Senna

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  • shairn
    How do you figure that?
  • beeant
    Hello Sena,

    I always try to make user stats accurate.
    If you know any way to cheat, please let me know. I will fix it and prevent it.

    As for user learning perspective, cheating would not benefit individual user at all, as it seems like they are lying to themselves. and if I find out a user is cheating, I would reduce their EXP, or reset the stats.
  • Twoai
    Ah, if you do the reading section, it will sum total stat up without add to vocab stat. So, there are differences in "vocab + kanji" stat in our profile and actual stat. :D
  • notsalty
    Well it's true that there are some people, even at lvl 4-5-6 who's only collecting the combos from lvl 1 vocabs\kanjis and actually know nothing in japanese. :P
    I can't yet read articles, but i assume it appears in learnt vocabs, if it's the word of any lesson.
  • zeto
    my suggestion is what if for every increase in level there is also a dramatic increase in exp points. well the current exp increase per level is so measly that's why I think it would be better if for example: 10x combo
    level 1 = 60
    level 2 = 120
    level 3 = 180 and so on..
  • Senna
    well collecting combos is one thing but getting 5000+ combo and 90k+ points per day looks suspicious. Thats machine-like accuracy.
  • beeant
    There is always a way to cheat a computer/computer games. I remember when I played online game before (real MMORPG) there was a bot program to auto farm my character. This can also be done in JCJP. However there is no meaning to your study. The main purpose here is to study, the game system is to motivate you.

    I always try to find a way to prevent this. My solution to this right now is to limit EXP earning from each vocabulary. So after answering one specific vocabulary/kanji correctly for 30 times, you can earn any exp anymore for that specific vocabulary/kanji.

    There will be many more motivation features coming in the future. So I will highly consider ways to prevent this, and be bold to punish any cheaters.
  • Medyrius
    I don't think there's any cheaty way to get 90+k of exp per day...

    People scoring high daily exp are just spending the time and effort it takes to do that, whatever their motivation is...

    I don't think it's very wise to accuse people of cheating just because one doesn't think it's possible to have a great score without cheating...
  • notsalty
    If I can make a suggestion...
    You could probably prevent level-up "cheat" by adding (above lvl 4) a test with about 40[50]-40[50] vocab/kanji each level - and people to pass and unlock next lvl have to get 67+%
    lvl at 5-6-7, people could only get xp if they finished their level -2 vocabulary and level -3 kanji.
    e.g.: for lvl 5 you must have all lvl 3 and lvl 2 vocab/kanji done

    If I remember well, the max is 10x xp after the good answers, Maybe it's a littlebit too high :) [7x might be the max.]
  • beeant
    If I look at the data in more details, I can suspect who cheats and who doesn't.

    In the future there will be more rewarding features. By that time, I will try to analyze the data to find cheaters. and the decision of punishing the suspect is up to all of you. We will judge them together.
  • shairn
    Getting 90k points on a 10x combo isn't particularly hard, it demands a bit less than 900 questions which takes less than 2h to do. It's just a question of perseverance.

    I don't really see why the max multiplier would be lowered, if anything it would penalize those who couldn't take advantage of it before the change.
  • xMakoReactantx
    Wow...90k? That's insane. If anything, it'd also imply that the user was cheating themselves by using this site alone as their study tool. People can't just spend two hours drilling in certain aspects of the language (kanji reading, comprehension speed, rote memory) and think that a sky high amount of points correlates to knowledge. There's also grammar and pitch to consider, among other things. All they're doing in the long run is slowing their education.
  • shairn
    Mako, I think you're assuming too much. I know for a fact that doing tons of points on here won't give me much of a payoff since it's just the same 1700 words over and over. I don't think it hurts though. If you're not doing reading, whether you're on JCJP or not wouldn't change the fact that you're not getting any first hand experience. At least when you do a whole bunch of questions you're training your kana/kanji reading.

    That being said, I do it mostly for the competition. I think it's fun trying to get the most amount of points, but that's my MMORPG gamer mentality.
  • xMakoReactantx
    True enough.
  • slawyn
    It was never about the rank..it's about how much better your japanese becomes due to constant reviewing.Bots are short lived and you can't cheat rl
    .Take care
  • shairn
    I agree, to an extent. After a while you know these 1700 words like the back of your hand, and they're not nearly enough to actually be proficient in the language.
  • zeto
    I've heard that to be fluent in any language the average words to be memorized is 6000. 1700 words is not that close.
  • shairn
    6000 doesn't sound like much to be honest, I used language perfect for a while and they counted 12.5k words as being fluent.
  • slawyn
    what are you people nuts?more than 5000 and you can become a literature writer.Now I wouldn't go that way.I mean come on you won't be using that large of a set in your daily life and besides,just building a solid base is pretty much it.The rest is learnt throughout your interaction with the natives or media.
  • notsalty
    Greatest writers use maximum 20k words during their whole life ...
    Average people (of course every language is different), but somewhat like that, ~5000 words. You dont need more in everyday life. English can't be a comparison, it's one of the simpliest languages, try a slavic or non-german language, those are way harder.. (or mine) :)
  • slawyn
    I can't help but to disagree.I am a native russian language speaker and I wouldn't be asserting now that a man needs more than 5000 words to speak fluently or be understood by others.Unless you want to become a "greatest writer" a higher amount is needed,although most people get by with far less than that.
  • beeant
    right now I'm still waiting for another 19 users to reach level 6.
    The level updates is depending on number of users reaching the top level. :)