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Medyrius, how long has it taken you to get where you are now? Also how much has this site helped… - Feed Post from Kether to Medyrius

Medyrius, how long has it taken you to get where you are now? Also how much has this site helped in your studies? Do you have any other study sites or references you use? - ^_^! Have a fantastic day!
posted by Kether

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  • Medyrius
    Hi there Kether! ^^
    Well so far, the only other ressource I used for jap learning was the Tae Kim grammar guide, and it was tremendously helpful $_$!

    Since then I've not really been looking for jap study material... Most things I know now, I learnt them from animes and onlide dictionaries, including this wonderful site and it's unique mmorpg-like method :D

    But may I ask you what you mean by "to get where I am now"?
    It kinda feels like I reached some tremendous level in jap, which is not really the case... ^^'
  • Kether

    What I mean is that you obviously can read well and write well. I was just wondering how long it took you to get to the point you are currently at, at reading and writing Japanese?

    I started looking to learn Japanese back in high school which was 9 years ago so now... Had a few Japanese speaking individuals that I was around once in awhile, then I was shown the magic of Anime... well the rest is history but it's been off and on since then. This site has really help me understand how to get started which really helps the discipline!

    But I was first subjected to reading face value of Kanji (which means I knew what the single Kanji meant just no idea how to say it) with a free program called Kanji Gold. Have you ever used it before?

    Well have a great day!

    Talk later

  • Medyrius
    Hi Again and sorry for late reply ;)

    No i've never used it, but it seems like a good tool to have around. I'll check for it.

    My interest in learning japanese was born from the "Magic of Anime" like you call it - really like that one ;) - which was about 4 years ago, maybe 5 but no more.
    But I've not been actively studying jap during all this time... I wasn't seriouly considering to take jap lessons during the 2 first years, but then I found this magic site which turned out to be exactly what I needed, I decided to use it as a begining step but I wasn't yet resolute enough...

    I got a great boost last year thaks to the japanese grammar guide I spoke you about, Tae Kim's guide. After that experience, japanese became suddenly more easy and fun to learn... Every language become so logic with a bit of grammar rules...

    But all things considered, i think what's really helping me right now is anime watching (deep listening) and also the usage of online dictionaries for the new expressions I don't grasp.
    For the reading part, i have this site to thank a lot too.

    Well, I think that's about all that is to it ^^
    My objective for japanese is not particular either, I'm just learning for fun and personal knowledge...
  • Kether

    Arigatou gozaimasu for the information and getting back to me, gomenasai for the late response back.

    I appreciate the tips! I have a really old Red Book that I received from an old lady I was learning Japanese from when I was in High School I called her Baba-san :P she thought it was funny.

    Anyway it's a grammar book it's called Grammar and Glossary by Naganuma...

    I'll chat with you later!