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someone help me!!! what is the right way to learn? - Feed Post by jeponnie

someone help me!!!
what is the right way to learn?
posted by jeponnie

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  • shairn
    First things first, you'll want to get used to the kana(hiragana and katakana). Conveniently, you can do this right here.

    What I suggest after getting the basic syllabaries down is to get started on getting a basic understanding of japanese grammar. This can be accomplished by following tae kim's guide to japanese(www.guidetojapanese.org) or the genki series of textbooks(Available for order online at various stores), both of which are highly recommended.

    Once you have a grasp of how to build a basic sentence(Basic particles and sentence order), it's a good idea to start learning the general use kanji(The kanji a high-schooler should know by the time they graduate), either through James Heisig's "Remembering the kanji"(A three volume series of books who teach each kanji by the means of a story, very helpful) or if you don't want to buy a book/get it by alternate means(I won't judge) you can use Kanji damage, a website which also attempts to simplify the learning of kanji by teaching only kanji that would be useful in day-to-day life and organizing them in a logical manner. The website often uses crude language and more adult-oriented subject matter, so use at your own discretion(www.kanjidamage.com).

    For a student with a good amount of free time, 20-25 kanji per day should be a good pace.

    That's all I can think of for now. Sorry if it's a bit overwhelming or confusing, if you have any questions feel free to ask!
  • Saiya
    very nice shairn ill be using those as well
  • jeponnie
    thank you very much shairn