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Hey there sharing-sempai... I have been a big fan of learning japanese, but am never quite as… - Feed Post from pakin to shairn

Hey there sharing-sempai... I have been a big fan of learning japanese, but am never quite as serious as I am now. Even though I wanna learn to speak, and write japanese, for some reason I just can't seem to find the right thing, either to start or memorize. I know most of the hiragana, but can't seem to memorize the katakana... Is there anyway, or method you use to help me memorize? And for the kanji, I would say that I don't even know a tiny bit on how to remember it... I know that the way I can be good at vocabulary is by repeatedly saying it in my head, so the thing I'm asking is how to memorize the writing and put it in sentences? Cuz I myself don't know the japanese grammar and stuff.. The last comment you said guidetojapanese.Org but for some reason that didn't work, Please help me, I really want to learn japanese as good as you.
posted by pakin

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  • shairn
    Katakana is significantly harder to memorize than hiragana simply because it appears less often. To be perfectly honest, unlike the kanji, there's only one real way to get the kana down and that's to practice them repeatedly. So don't give up! It'll stick eventually.

    The kanji, while being much more complex, can actually be learned through another method than hammering them into place in your mind. I recommend either www.kanjidamage.com or, if the website's rather harsh language and examples aren't for you, I would point you towards the resource I used, James Heisig's book "remembering the kanji". Some work is required to properly understand and internalize the book's stories, but in the end I find it's the most efficient way of memorizing the kanji needed in everyday life.

    As for grammar, I suggest you either keep trying with Tae Kim's guide until it clicks. It's most likely you have trouble with the grammar because you don't have a good enough base of kana/kanji and vocabulary, so working on those might help you with your grammar too. Alternatively, you can try the Genki series of books who offer a complete course on japanese grammar.

    The most important part is to never give up. Keep up exposure to the language, challenge yourself, and try to learn something new everyday to keep it fresh. Good luck!
  • pakin
    Hehe ill try my best to learn as much as possible, and thank you for your help