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How do I add photos? - Feed Post by Kurizu208

How do I add photos?
posted by Kurizu208

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  • Midenhall
    Go to your profile where you see your progress chart. There should be different options right on top of it (ex: Overview, Comments, Lessons). Click on Photos. I'm pretty sure that is what you are looking for :)
  • Midenhall
    Oh, seems like you can add photos straight from the public gallery as well. I haven't uploaded any, but I guess those are the options. Good luck!
  • Kurizu208
    Oh thank you so much! Now that you point it out, i feel dumb for not finding it. >.<
  • Midenhall
    You are very welcome. If its of any consolation, I couldn't find how to upload an avatar when I started. The site just needs getting used to I suppose, and I'm fairly new myself. I didn't even know about the upload button in the public gallery o_O
  • Kurizu208
    Yeah the UI leaves a little to be desired. Overall though this website is pretty cool. I am impressed.