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how many levels are there? - Feed Post by kwanyeung

how many levels are there?
posted by kwanyeung

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  • Kurizu208
    Highest I have seen is 6, but it probably goes higher. I am hoping for 99 levels.
  • Aniumixie
    99? Why not over 9000? 8D
  • Medyrius
    Level 6 is Max for now, and unfortunately, user level is bound to lesson level, so we're all going to be stuck there until lesson level 7 is released, someday...
  • kwanyeung
    hmm that's sad.. 6 levels r definitely not enough
  • Kurizu208
    @Aniumixie You are right, my bad.

    @Medyrius Were all 6 levels released at the start?
  • zeto
    I've heard that it's only on 5 levels when this site first started.