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Youre ranked #1....congratz, I hope to catch up to you someday >.< - Feed Post from Onna_Lee to Medyrius

Youre ranked #1....congratz, I hope to catch up to you someday >.<
posted by Onna_Lee

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  • Medyrius
    Good luck in that ;) it's no big deal you know...
  • Onna_Lee
    how long have you been studying?
  • Medyrius
    About more that one year, but I'm not studying for some particular reason, so I take it very easy...
    I don't consider I'm studying while using this site, I'm rather playing ^^
    It's too bad the MMO aspect is not too developed...
    How about u?
  • Onna_Lee
    ^_^ i got curious about 4 or 5 yrs ago, but havent been making good progress since about 2 yrs ago. Its a hobby, yet at the same time, an obsession :/...

    have you found another 日本語のMMO..site to fill that gamer desire?
  • Medyrius
    No, I'm too lazzy for that ^^, just been focusing on here all this time, that's how I ended #1...

    It's not a bad idea though cuz it's been kind of stagnant for a while here :s

    What do u mean by an obcession?
  • Onna_Lee
    THATS COOL......lol um...well, when you prefer to study Japanese over sleeping...I think thats boardering on the line of obsession
  • Medyrius
    Haha now I know I'm nowhere near obsessed with my jap studying, cuz I still prefer sleeping xD

    I probably would be more serious in studying if I knew some people with the same passion (Jap Club or something) or if there was some japanese speakers around... So far, my only jap interaction apart from internet is teaching some funny words like "Baka" and "Kono Yaro" to my bro's and sisters ^^

    Yet, I do think I'll have to take
    some serious courses someday cuz somehow I have the feeling that jap is gonna be part of my future life...

    How bout u? What are your plans with jap?
  • Onna_Lee
    Oh definitely...my great desire is to live over there, and also use Spanish to do some voluteer work in Japan...-_-....I would be so happy if that dream could be realized. However if my volunteer work requires me to go somewhere else, I guess ill have to settle for just vacationing over there often
  • Medyrius
    That's some spirit ;)
    I hope your dream come true...

    Did you come to love japanese stuffs from anime too?
  • Onna_Lee
    hahah exactly!! it started with anime from Adult Swim...then I started looking for others online, then started reading Manga...-_- i love it so.

    then I got tired reading in English, and then poof!! here I am trying to learn the language...which ended up becoming my hobby
  • Medyrius
    It's simply magic, isn't it?
    I rather like spoken japanese speech though, that's why I'm into Animes only, not Mangas...
    Do you think I'm missing something with that?
  • Onna_Lee
    of course!!!! to be able to understand a completely different style in writing... its rediculous!!! I feel like an artist when I write.
  • Onna_Lee
    Of course!!! writting the language is a beautiful thing!!! When ever I write Japanese I feel so artistic
  • Medyrius
    I feel so too ^^ but it's been a while since I last practiced writing though...

    So, how's life going out from Japanese stuff?
  • Onna_Lee
    Im one of Jehovah's Witnesses...so theres alot going on. Im massively busy since I balance work at the same time. Wich is probably why I havent mastered Japanese as yet.

    what about you?
  • Medyrius
    I wish I could say as much :s
    It holidays so I'm rather experiencing the full meaning of the word 暇(ひま) ^^
    At least I've finally found enough time to catch up with One Piece which I started some months ago...
  • Onna_Lee
    an anime lover such as yourself will always find the time