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Am I the only one that actually make sure I remember the stuff I've seen before moving to another… - Feed Post by maxime1007

Am I the only one that actually make sure I remember the stuff I've seen before moving to another lesson?
Because yeah... well I guess that's the point of the site.
posted by maxime1007

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  • teta
    I do that too.. :)
  • maxime1007
    Too many people seem to care only about the ranking system but there's no point in being first if you don't even remember a kanji from the first level.
  • barusamikosu
    Items that haven't been reviewed in thirty days will also be brought to your front page under the "Oblivion List." Clearing the list as it populates will help keep what you've learned in long-term memory.
  • maxime1007
    I think that 1 time per month is too little for it to affect long-term memory.
    The lenght of the time should be decided by the user, since I don't have as many kanji as a level 6 I would like to review those I didn't see this week instead of those I didn't see this month.
  • barusamikosu
    One time a month is definitely inferior to the kind of review intervals you get from a proper SRS program like Anki. I agree that adjustable review intervals should be included at some point. That said, I think you'll surprise yourself with some of the things you still remember after thirty days.
  • maxime1007
    I see, I'll trust you on that one.
    What's an SRS program btw?
  • barusamikosu
    SRS is short for "Spaced Repetition (Study?)" It basically works on the principle that if you review something successfully, then you should be able to retain it for a longer time before needing to review it again. The review intervals start out low--reviewing after a few days--but eventually stretch out to months and even years.

    I recommend you download Anki and spend some time getting used to it (there are some FAQs and videos on the site). For me it's been a godsend for retaining the Japanese I've learned so far.

    Also, if you haven't already, check out the sites "Reviewing the Kanji" and "Japanese Level Up" as they're both full of methods to help you learn more efficiently.
  • maxime1007
    I see, I'll do just that.
    Thanks for the explanation and the recommendation
  • trapruka
    I only use this site to go through kanji and vocab I should already know anyways. I treat it more as a fun quiz that rewards you with exp.

    As aforementioned, Anki and Reviewing the Kanji (to be used with RTK book) both use SRS flashcards. That's what you should be using to learn and retain.
  • maxime1007
    Yeah well I tried Anki and i'm planning to do a mix of the two.
    I'll go trough vocabulary and kanji here, note those I do not remember by heart and review those with Anki until I do. Then I'll move to the next lesson.

    Obviously I'll review those I don't know by heart everyday /every two day so that they get put in my long term memory.
  • LilyJay12
    I do it this way too :).
  • jragonfyre
    I use this to familiarize myself with vocab/kanji, so when I see them later, I at least have an idea of what they mean. I also use Anki, and Reviewing the Kanji as a more long term way of studying.