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How would you translate this? 中二病でも恋がしたい! (chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai!)? Google says: "I'd… - Feed Post by Azomb

How would you translate this? 中二病でも恋がしたい! (chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai!)? Google says: "I'd also love disease in two!" I'm not sure that's right but I'm not proficient enough to know for sure. The show is superb by the way.
posted by Azomb

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  • Vocoder
    It means something like "Despite my 8th grade illness, I want to have love!"
  • Azomb
    Thanks. So wow, 8th grade sickness has it's own word?
  • Vocoder
    Sorta. 中学校 is middle school, so shortening it to 中 and adding 二 to it means second year of middle school, which is eighth grade. 病 means illness, so add it on and there you go.
  • marapets12
    中二病 is actually some colloquial word or slang that is used to describe a state of behaviour that is found in teenagers as they go through adolescence.

    People who have 中二病
    - Wants to become an adult faster
    - Thinks that what adults do are "filthy",detestable, etc.
    (Additionally, they may criticise politics and society in society)

    - Wants to prove themselves and gain recognition
    - Thinks that the whole world doesn't understands them

    Apparently, it's called "中二病" because this behaviour normally starts at the second year of junior high school.
  • marapets12
    society in GENERAL* lol.
    Btw, I just learnt this word too.
    And some of the symptoms are hilarious (to me..? ).

    Some symptoms of 中二病 :
    - Unable to sleep at 2 am
    - Will answer "Outside" when parents ask "Where are you going ? "
    -Starts drinking coffee that doesn't even taste good.
    - Says "I want to be anything but an salary man/office worker ! "

    Full List : http://d.hatena.ne.jp/keyword/
  • Vocoder
    Beautifully explained! I was just literally translating haha
  • Azomb
    Thanks so much. I remember saying "outside" to my parents and drinking black coffee for no reason.. I was wierd, still am :/
  • belson0425
    Hi, just saw your echo. It means [Although I have] chuunibyou (i guess u know what it means) but I want to be in love!

    Chuunibyou is literally translated as year 2 disease, form 2 disease, or moddielschool year 2 disease. A stage where a person is filled with childhood like imaginations, yet is faced with adulthood.
  • Paffendorf
    中二 = Second year of junior high.
    病 = Disease.
    This means "acting like you'd expect a teenager to act" or something. As for the rest, I dunno. Study grammar.
    I could figure this:
    Chuunibyou but love (???)
    Haven't studied grammar yet.

    I suggest you google the Firefox app "Rikaichan." It will give you definitions whenever you want by hovering over.
  • Azomb
    *facepalm* I have rikaichan installed but I didn't think of using it. Oh well. All of you are awesome~ thank you