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moshi moshi ^_^ - Feed Post by FadhilSP

moshi moshi ^_^
posted by FadhilSP

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  • Saiya
    ikaga desuka?
  • FadhilSP
    hai ikaga desu
  • Medyrius
    Ofutaritomo, teishite shitsureshimasu! (I apologize in advance for correcting you both...)

    Saiya : I think u should always attach the renference to what u're preciely asking when using the "Ikaga" formula (e.g mood, life, etc.)

    - ご機嫌いかがですか? 「ごきげんはいかがですか」 (How do you feel today?)

    いかがですか、テキサスは?(How do you like Texas so far?)

    最近はいかがですか?(How are u?)

    FadhilSP : Ikaga is always used to ask of to make an offer, never as an answer like u did...
  • Saiya
    Thats interesting, I was a bit lost. The language program I have says that ikaga desuka is used to ask how a person is doing, the anata wa not being needed in the understood context... anata wa ikaga desuka= how are you. But the way you put it makes sense, I will ask my professor about it.
  • Medyrius
    The anata is not needed, I just think it's better to precise that which is "ikaga" as the subject.
    Used alone it sounds like a phrase without one...
  • Medyrius
    Oh I see!! I didn't understand your first comment... Using Ikaga to ask "How are u" is actually right come to think of it.
    But I still consider that in a single phrase, it sounds better to use it with the subject (Anata) or with some kind of reference (Gokigen, Saikin, etc.) than alone... ;)
  • Saiya
    hai sensei /giggle
  • FadhilSP
    owarimashoo ??




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