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Hey there~ Thanks for the challenge, it was fun x3 - Feed Post from HelenaK to Medyrius

Hey there~ Thanks for the challenge, it was fun x3
posted by HelenaK

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  • Medyrius
    Thanks for playing, it was close ^^
  • HelenaK
    Closer than my other ones, that's for sure. I'm gonna challenge you next, so wait for it~

    Btw, I'm Ely, nice to meet you xD
  • Medyrius
    Nice to meet u too Ely :)
    It's a lovely name. I'm Med, Yoroshiku ;)
  • HelenaK
    Thanks, I actually like it too x3 As opposed to my other name, which I always try to hide, hahah

    Yours is really nice as well~

    Anyway, yoroshiku ne~ \(^o^)/
  • Medyrius
    Thx! ^^
    So, how come u're learning jap?
  • HelenaK
    Well, I stumbled upon anime, like just about everyone else xD And then I started to understand small things, became addicted with animr, manga & J-rock and finally realized how much I enjoy the company of Japanese people~ So I've been studying Japanese for about 1 year [ with a couple of breaks for the school exams ] with a Japanese lady and this year I wanna take my N4. Last year I managed to get my N5, wohoo~

    What about you? ^o^
  • Medyrius
    LOL! Then I guess u can put me in the same bag as "everyone"!!

    But I don't have the chance to be in contact with any japanese people... Besides, my interest in the language is a very rare thing for people from my country, even for other anime lovers like me. Many think that it's too tough to learn, which is absolutely not the case...
    So I could say I'm kind of enjoying japanese alone...

    That's why I'm not too committed into studying seriously and taking JLPT... I guess I'll do when I get to use japanese officially someday...

    Fortunately I got to know this site and I have the oppotunity to practice some jap with nice people from all over the world, which is not bad at all ^^

    Hey, congrats for N5 and I hope u're ready to give your best on N4 ;) GAMBARE!
  • HelenaK
    Hahah, well, it's a common thing xD

    Yeah, same here. It's a rather rare language to learn and everybody keeps telling me that it's too tough to learn, but I think it's rather easy and it feels natural for me. Except for the fact that, well, I can't really speak it x'D

    Maa, I live in the capital, and that's why I have access to the very few Japanese people living in this abandoned country xD

    Aaand... use it officially as in how?

    Yeah, it's really fun here x3 It's reminds me of MAL, if you know the site.

    Thanks x3 Ganbarimasu yo~

    Ah, btw btw~ What was your first anime? ^o^
  • Medyrius
    Well I mean when I'll need the JLPT certificate for something... I'm too lazzy to put efforts into something I'm not sure to find useful for me... I know may think if it as a trophy or a personal challenge but then I'd do it when I have more time...

    No, I don't know MAL. What kind of site is it?

    As for anime, well, my first one shoud be Naruto I guess, and it was not so long ago... I began watching it in french (My country language) but sometimes it was hard to find french dubbed episodes... And THAT was my very first time hearing japanese. I remember finding it sound funny and naturally, I still prefered french but, as u can guess, it wouldn't last... Now it's totally the opposite, I can't imagine watching a dubbed anime unless I have no choice...

    Since then, my anime list hasn't grown so much as it took me much time to catch up with some long classics (Bleach, One Piece) and "musts" like Death note...
    How about u?
  • HelenaK
    Ah, I see I see~
    Well, I wanna try getting a scholarship to Japan. But later, after I finish with all my English exams, like the CAE and the IELTS.

    It's a rea~lly big social anime and manga database and community. You catalog your stuff, search for more, talk with people in the clubs~ It's a lot of fun. And although I'm saying that, I haven't been online for some time xD

    Hahah, same here~ My first anime was Sonic X [ although I didn't know it was called that xD I just liked it better than normal cartoons ] and I watched it dubbed in Romanian. I liked it, actually, and the same goes for Shaman King and Naruto.

    But some time later, we had a new channel called Anima+ or smth like that. And there I first watched Kaleido Star <3 Boy, did I love it. And from then on dubs seemed stupid to me, hah

    Ah, I'm not into the classics xD I mean, I love Naruto, but I'm too lazy to watch it. I'm rather lazy when it comes to anime in general anyway. I prefer manga~ And I love long manga, while I'm really not into long anime xD Not even medium anime, actually.

    What aboutchu? What do you like the most? And do you have a fave anime/manga? ^o^
  • Medyrius
    U're lucky to still have that option, I think I'd be too old for it...
    So u actually do need JPLT to have a scholarship? If so, which levels are required?

    Well unlike many other jap fans, I'm only into anime actually...
    Manga is something that i'm yet to experience... I wonder what is it like?

    I think I don't have yet a favourite anime ever, but so far I've kind of enjoyed most of the animes I've watched... I can't really tell which one I liked the most...
    Do you know Sword Art online? The anime version was completed quite recently, I loved it!!

    I quite understand your not liking long animes haha, I'm also avoiding them actually... I've had my fill after catching up about 500 eps with 2 animes. Now I only take animes with 24-50 eps, like TV shows ^^

    By the way, I think I might like it trying out the MAL thingy, could u give me the address please?
  • HelenaK
    I think that depends on each country. In Romania, for example, the easiest way is through student exchange. For that, the university where you are enrolled has to have an academic exchange agreement with a Japanese university and you've got to have the N5. And, ofc, you've gotta have very good grades. God, I hate that part

    There are also student exchange programs for highschool students, like me, but they're really rare and awfully expensive xD

    Hahahah, it's a new world!
    A thing that I really like about manga is that, because it's all black & white, I can imagine the colours myself. And when there's white hair, for me it's blonde, not pink, like in the anime xD
    I can also choose their voices in my head and stare at an imagine 2 mins xD Like the part of an epic battle where everything goes boom or the swords cross. Or, ofc, when two kiss and there's roses n stuff everywhere xD

    I totally recommend manga! Give it a try x3

    I've heard of it and now you made me too curious so I watched the first episode. Asafsd, it's so awesome! <3 I'll be forever grateful to you, hahah

    Even 24-50 is too long for me xD 12-24 is the best I can manage. But I love reading manga that have 100-200 chapters, hah.

    Sure~ it's myanimelist.net

    Btw, do you know any more anime like Sword Art? x3 I don't like any fighting anime, so it's kinda hard for me to find one I'd enjoy x'D
  • Medyrius
    I see. LOL, I don't think very good grades are really necessary but I wish u good luck for that part ;) mata gambatte ne!
    As for me I've already opted for a vacation trip to visit japan, but only when I can afford it...

    The reason I prefer anime is that I like the japanese voices so much!! Could u recommend me some mangas that do not have an anime version yet?

    If's funny, I asked the same question to the girl that told me about SAO. After completing it, i'm seriously considering to watch more animes like that, I mean anime of the type "slice of life".

    Right now the only anime without fighting that I'm watching is Steins;gate (24eps). It's kind of funny, revolves around the scientific theme.
    I've also been told about Ano Hana, a shorty (11 eps), I haven't started it yet, but it's also "without-fighting" one.
  • HelenaK
    Yeah, me neither, but oh well xD
    Ganbarimasu yo~ ^o^

    Same here. Mom and I will try to do it next summer. Oh how I wish we could make the money until then~
    And if that's not possible, I hope we can go to Germany again. God, I love that country and its people. And it's also full of Japanese people, hah xD

    Ah, I guess you're right, the seiyuu are really awesome~

    Well, depends on what kind of manga you're looking for. Because you see, about 70% of my manga list is yaoi xD And the rest contains a lot of genres, from manga like Defense Devil to Ludwig Kakumei to Haou Airen.

    The first one is about a devil lawyer who, in order to return to the demon world that he was exiled from, needs to collect enough Dark Matter. To do that, he creates a plan to claim the Dark Matter from the souls of sinners sentenced to hell; if he can prove the soul's innocence, the Dark Matter becomes his. But he's a way too good guy and he keeps using the Dark Matter [ which makes him into a super smexy and powerful demon ] to save the sinners from the Shinigami that come to collect their souls.

    The second one is about is so weird that I can't not love it xD It's about a guy, Prince Ludwig, a female corpse collector. He is ordered by his father to find himself a wife more suitable than the women he often brings into the castle. So, along with his servant Wilhelm, they travel across the land in search of fair maidens from classic stories in hopes of finding Ludwig a wife.
    And they end up with Raounzel, Dorothea and so on xD It's one hell of a manga

    And the third one is about a girl, Kurumi Akino, who finds a wounded young man, and saves his life. He mysteriously disappears after that, and leaves only the name “Hakuron”. Next thing she knows, she’s been kidnapped from her school, and is on a private jet with that man, heading to China. It turns out she saved the life of the most infamous mobster in Hong Kong, and he wants her to stay with him.
    And there's a lot of mafia, guns that go pew pew pew, blood, a bit of sex and stuff like that.

    So yeah, you tell me what kind of genres you like and I'll try to think about one x3

    Hahah, really? Maa, I gotta admit I'm totally in love with SAO. I'm currently watching ep. 8 and if it weren't for the English Olympiad that's coming at full speed, I'd sooo spend all my day watching it x3

    It makes me want to play Runes of Magic again *sniff*

    Ah, I've heard about Steins;Gate~ Do you think I should give it a try?

    Do you mean Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai? xD Yeah, it should be nice if Takahiro Sakurai's voicing. But it's not that... um, how should I put it... original? to ka, so yeah.

    Btw, have you watched Togainu no Chi?
  • HelenaK
    P.S. Sorry for the way too long comm xD
  • Medyrius
    LOL yeah I think u've beaten the record of the longest comment here, but I don't mind, it just confirms how passionate u are ;)

    When it comes to fiction I'm not too strict with genres, but I rather prefer simple and well written, straigh stories over the complicated ones...
    I think I should like Haou airen, gonna give it a shot.
    I'll pass the "yaoi" though ^_^'

    Sure, u kind of feel like playing MMO games while watching SAO and it'd be soo great if mmo games were played that way... Let's hope it really exist by 2020 *o*

    I'm not too advanced yet in Steins;gate (ep. 4) but there are lots of funny dialogues and I like that... I also like the fact that there's no magic and powers stuff, it makes quite a change from what I usually watch... So I'd recommend it ;)

    LOL, as I expected, Togainu no chi is a shorty! :p
    No, I haven't watched it yet, are u recommending it?
  • HelenaK
    Hahah, sorry~ I'll try to express myself in shorter frazes xD

    Yeah, same here. But I'm not really into stuff like Bleah, where they fight Hollows, then the Hollows kind of level up, so the Shinigami level up too, then the Hollows level up again, and the Shinigami have to do the same and so on and so forth and I'm like 'is this ever going to end?'

    But then again, I do like Naruto... oh well xD

    Tell me what you think of it, so I'll know in the future what kind of tastes you have and give better recommandations :3

    Hahahah, I thought so too x3

    Yeah, I'd love that~ <3 But I wouldn't want to get locked inside a game ; - ; I'd be smth like Sachi, too afraid to fight in front xD

    Yoshi then, I'll give it a try~ But... are there any chibi moments? 'Cause I'm not into those too much xD I feel like they're just ruining the moment. You can make a character appear cute without chibi-ing it.

    Nonetheless, I think chibi are cute, only outside of anime xD

    Hahahah, you got me x''3
    Well, I really liked it. It's about the destroyed city of Toshima (formerly Tokyo), where a crime organization called Vischio is holding a battle game called "Igura". The main character, Akira, is falsely accused of a crime and can obtain freedom only if he agrees to participate in Igura and defeat Igura's strongest man, the king.

    So it kinda resembles SAO, only there's no magic. I gotta warn you though, there's a guy, Kau, who's kind of... um, not for non-yaoi eyes xD He's all S&M-ed up, clad in leather, with piercings in his body n stuff. He's another guy's pet, trained to pick up the scent of rule-breakers. But he appears only twice, I believe, and for 1 minute. So you should be safe xD

    Aaaaand here I am with another long comment. Since we're here anyway, do you listen to J-rock? x'D
  • Medyrius
    I have to admit it, I also had that kind of thoughts about bleach, u sum it all up so good! haha, but I didn't want to stop watching cuz I was already kind of attached to the characters, I think that's what makes bleach attractive... But the story itself lacks in deepness.

    I just finished reading chap 1 of Haou airen, there were lots of kisses xD, but I think I'd like to know how it ends ^^

    Well I don't remember myself any chibi-fication in Steins;Gate, it's not a all too coloful either, the animation is sober.

    LOL Ok, I'll put that in my wait list. I'll trust u for my safety xD

    About J-rock, well since my jap music gateway is anime opening/ending songs [which I'm collecting like stamps ^^], I think I can say that I've enjoyed J-rock more than one but it stops there, I don't specially follow any rockband or a particular singer...
    Must be different for u, right?
  • HelenaK
    Hahah, do I? xD I've only watched 10 episodes from the beginning, them the last 5 and I thought it's just about the same situation, only they're more powerful and, therefore, the drama is bigger~ But yeah, I kind of enjoyed it too. I also finish some manga because I get attached to the characters x'D

    Yeah? xD Hahah, sorry, me memory didn't remind me that. What I clearly remember, though, is that Hakuron has very large hands. Doesn't he? XD The manga-ka always draws them like this, in every manga.
    Also, her characters usually look the same, only the hair is shorter or longer. I don't really mind though, it's something that shows the manga is made by her.

    Purrfect <3 I missed not-so-colorful anime. All those 12-episode thingies where 20 charming guys love the same innocent and rather stupid girl can only make one enjoy this much.

    Ah! Bullets & Carnage, Bullets & Carnage! Have you watched it? *wags imaginary tail in anticipation*

    Hehe, that's how I started too~
    But yeah, now I'm a J-rock fan outside the openings & endings.

    Here, in Romania, we have 2-3 J-rock concerts every year and I've never missed one. There's one this coming March <3 I'm so excited~

    And yeah, I've once went to Germany to see my favorite J-rock singer xD I was an obsessed kid, but I'm glad I was. I met a lot of fun people [ gee, German fans are so nice! ;^; ], had a great time and spent two weeks with my Auntie [ which I've never seen before xD ]. Aaand~ I got first row. Asfsdfas. Too bad I couldn't touch him though xD

    And you're a bad person, Med! A very. very bad person. I'm at episode 11 of SAO and don't seem to be able to stop \(>o<)/
  • Medyrius
    LOL, so u're also trapped in the game, so to speak :p.

    U're lucky! ^^ I think I could go to J-rock concerts too if only I heard of some. But there's just nothing.
    Makes me realize that it's kind of sad to be a jap lover in my country. But that may just change soon, my family and I're supposed to be moving to Canada through an immigration program. I hope everything goes right ^^

    Wow! u're right about the guy's hands, there's almost as big as his head..
    No, I haven't watched bullets & carnage. U know, I haven't watched so many animes so far... I began watching japanime in 2008 I think and since then I've lost much time catching up naruto, bleach & one piece, it's just recently that i've started piling up shorter animes, and now i know I should have strated with that...

    Ne, what's asfsdfas? I know asap, ofc, etc. but that one is still a mystery LOL
  • HelenaK
    Hahah, I guess I am x3

    They only started bringing J-rock bands 3 years ago, while 'normal' countries, like Germany, have had lots of concerts for many years now. But oh well, better than nothing xD

    Really?!~ I hope it does too <3 I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed for you, Med~

    Demo ne, won't you miss your friends here?

    Ikr! XD I was kind of shocked the first time I realized it. But I like guys with big hands, so oh well *shrugs* xD

    That's why, even thought I love Naruto, I try not to start watching it again too often, because I know I'd get hooken and... and... all that time that I could use to watch smaller series and complete them! ; - ;

    Dogs: Bullets & Carnage is a great anime, from my point of view. It's with a lot of pew pew pew and boom boom, but it's got a plot and, even though it's only made of 4 OVAs, you feel like it's way longer, because it's so complex. No romance or comedy, just seinen & action

    Hahahah, sorry xD Asafasdf it just like... um, when you're super excited, you type like a madman, without really wanting to make a word. Because you're that excited. It could be asfafdas, or hfhsdfsds, or mkmiojihd, whatever, as long as it's a bundle of letters typed super fast that doesn't make sense xD

    I'm not really good at explaining, so did you get anything? x'D

    Ah ah ah! You've got to have watched this one: Final Fantasy. Tell me. you. have.
  • Medyrius
    I hope so too, thx for crossing fingers ;)
    I sure will miss some people but that can't be help. As they say : shikata nai na.
    It could be more delicate if I had a girlfriend but I'm kind of a loner ^^

    LOL! I definitely had no chance in guessing that xD, I was so sure that it was an abbrev.
    I think I got what u mean though ;)

    I've started downloading Dog:B&C
    It's gonna be my new record of the sortest anime. So far my shortest was Another. Heard of it?

    Um, I feel like it'd be a bad idea to answer No so I'll say Yes, I have watched some FF.
    But I'm not sure which FF u're refering to? Do u mean the FF VII universe or the anime FF Unlimited?
  • HelenaK
    Sou da ne~
    I guess being a loner comes in handy in times like these, doesn't it?~

    Hahah, I don't think such a long abbreviation even exists xD And phew, what a relief. I'm usually a scatter-brain when it comes to explaining stuff.

    Glad to introduce you to the world of shorties xD
    Mmmnope, but it kinda reminds me of Highschool of the Dead [ which, no, I haven't watched ]. How is it?

    You know, now I realize that I could've watched a lot of shorties if I wouldn't have been so 'afraid', so to speak. Because manga is more convenient to me, I've always chosen it instead of the anime. But I've missed out on a lot of epic graphics and seiyuus, so now I'm determined to catch up with them xD

    So keep the recommandations coming~

    Hahahah, good. And yeah, I'm talking about Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, which is my personal favorite out of all the FFs. It's a bit more popular with the girls, because the stunning art makes the stunning guys even more stunning, but guys love it nonetheless.

    Have you ever played Final Fantasy? I saw my friend play it once and I kind of wanted to try too x3

    Oh gee. I just checked out FF Unlimited. There's a chick blushing, with her clothes all ripped, clinging onto another guy with her body twisted in a way that makes you think this is not an action anime. What have I just stumbled upon? XD

    And yes, I have a talent to transform what should've been a short comment, into a long one. I apologize xD
  • Medyrius
    Haha, don't worry, it's fun reading your long comments ;) keep'em coming!

    Another's good, it's about a mysterious unban legend that haunts a high school. If u're not afraid of seeing cute characters dying violently, then u could give it a try ;)
    Tonikaku, here's my official list,
    Unfortunately, there are very few shorties :p
    There's also an excellent catalogue for finding new animes, maybe u already know it, http://www.animebuzz.tv

    FF7 is just epic! I've been rewatching Advent children just some days ago and it was still soo amazing! I'd sooo love watching it in 3D...

    Unfortunately, I didn't know the game soon enough and now I don't have the time to play that kind of long RPG games... I've tried it and liked it but could finish it...
    Though I did play a newer version in 2009 on PSP, an action-rpg that go through Zack's story and it was just great! it's called Crisis Core FF7.
    But the end is tooo sad when he dies... It was pretty much the same feeling after watching Death Note xD
    Have u watched FF : The last order? It's the story the game is made from...
    Btw, who's your fav char in FF7? let me guess : Sephiroth?

    LOL I just saw the image u're talking about, it's my first time seeing it too, it's kind of puzzling indeed xD
    I don't know what I should think of it but I'm still planning to watch that anime anyway.

    This time I'm the one writing a long comment ^^
    I think I was contaminated :p
  • HelenaK
    Hahah, now you've done it! No need to tell me a second time xD

    Sure, if it's about a mysterious urban legend~

    That reminds me, I haven't seen Jigoku Shoujo on your list. How can this be?

    But I'm glad to see Claymore <3 It was my first manga, the one that teached me English [ I used to be the worst kid in the class when it came to English xD ], and now I'm watching the anime.

    But see, that's what's been bothering me about anime/movies made after manga/books. They twist it and make it shorter and and and... it's just not the same anymore ; - ;

    I was in love with Harry Potter after reading all the books for about 4 times, so I decided to watch the movies too. Wroooong move. I was like ew, what's that. It was so different ; - ; And kept going 'Nonono, he shouldn't have done that! Where's the other part? ', so yeah xD I guess I should first watch the anime/movie, THEN read the manga/book.

    Hahah, no worries, I'll help your list bloom shorties xD

    Ah, no, I didn't. Omg, great site~ Sankyu \(^o^)/

    Ah, me too~ But I'd get pretty scared at the boom parts when everything would look like it's coming after me xD Nonetheless, I love it when that happens, hahah

    Yeahyeahyeah, that was the one my friend was playing, Crisis Core! I wanna try it too~

    And gee, I just checked out some FF7 pics and... ahhh, the art * - * Gotta rewatch it. It's just so... yummy! I think I've watched it over 15 times now and still, every time I re-watch it I'm like 'oh my god, so beautiful'. I don't think I could ever get enough of it xD

    Yup yup, I have~ I searched for everything related to FF and watched it xD And loved them all~

    Haaaaa, wrong~ *pokes tongue out at him* Apart frp, Cloud, ofc, who reminds me way too much of Gackt to not love him [ you know who Gackt is, right? the J-rock singer Cloud and Genesis are made after ], my favorite one is Kadaj. And after that comes Sephiroth, yeah ;3

    What aboutchu?

    Hahahah, I'm glad it didn't freak you away xD The anime is really good, Kau or no Kau

    But never read the manga! Never. It's basically yaoi page after yaoi page. Dunno how they developed the anime from the manga, but great job xD

    Yessss! Took over Med, next step: take over the world!

  • HelenaK
    P.S. Is it okay if I send you a friend request on MAL?~ ^-^
  • Medyrius
    Sure! i wonder why u're asking oO
  • HelenaK
    Hahah, trying to be polite, I guess? xD

    And omg, SAO keeps giving my mini-heart attacks. Whenever I expect smth to happen, the opposite slaps me in the face xD
  • Medyrius
    How can this be indeed, I'm wondering it myself...
    The title sounds so great! *o* Thx for info ;)

    What!, I just can't imagine u having trouble with english! o_O I mean, u speak like a native. I've been wondering all this time if they actually speak english in Romania ^^

    Claymore is one of my first animes. I was so sad to know that there was no other seasons...

    Yea I kind of agree with that! But I didn't know it was happening with mangas too...
    Harry potter movies are just "dame da!", I think I wouldn't have watched them if it wasn't for the nice effects xD
    I've always thought that kind of masterpieces shouldn't be adapted into movies but into Tv shows-like with detailed episodes and the exact scenario than in the books. The same goes for Twilight...
    Movie contraints will always make them rip off some of the best details while they add some other false details so that the non-readers can understand the story...

    Haha! Makaseta na ;) I think I'm growing fond of shorties anyway, yappari 12 eps is just fine for an anime ^^

    I wonder if we'll be able to forget about FF7 someday, I think the answer's clear, right? we won't!
    But u have're gonna need a PSP to try Crisis Core... There's also another awsome game with super stunning graphics that crosses over all the final fantasy games (1 to 12), it's called Dissidia, an action-rpg-fighting game, PSP exclusivity too, characters include Cloud & Sephiroth and it feels just great to have them under your control *_*

    Whoa! I lost my bet!! shinjirarenai! :(, but somehow, I was suspecting u'd like Kadaj too :p
    Well my favourite is Cloud of course, his cool attitude is my credo... And I'm in love with Aerith since the first time I saw her, I like Sephiroth too, i kind of respect his super strenght...
    And... No i didn't know about Gackt and neither did I know that Cloud & Genesis were cloned after him, what a surprise! xD

    Uh? I don't understand, u have read the manga of FF unlimited?

    Mata soggoku nagai commento wo kaichimatta na ^^'
  • Medyrius
    Souka? like what?
  • HelenaK
    Anytime~ It's a really popular anime, and even though it's a shortie, it has 3 or 4 seasons. And Noto Mamiko, Hell Girl's seiyuu, has an angelic voice <3

    Hahah, really? xD I'll take that as a compliment, thanks.

    Well, most Romanian people have a very basic English at least. Then there are the ones who are kind of good, but can only understand, not speak [ like I am with Japanese xD ], and the ones who speak it.

    I started being able to actually communicate a couple of years ago, while on MAL. A guy sent me a comment and I had to talk to him xD My mom helped me at first, 'cause she's an English teacher, so she knows her stuff, but after that I started managing on my own.

    But my speaking is still not so good xD I get nervous and I go back to basic English and forget all the words I know in writing. Plus, my pronunciation fails me sometimes xD And I tend to speak with a British accent, but only for certain words, which is weird xD

    Yeah, that's why I don't wanna finish it xD But I've still got the manga to love, so I'll be alright *sniff*

    Exactly! Man, you've said it so well xD Masterpiecees really should be made into TV series. Yeah, that would be so great~ <3

    I watched HP for the actors, because they were really cute when they were small, and yeah, the effects were awesome. But now I don't really feel like watching the last movies, because they all look so... British ; - ;

    Like... they don't have any colour in their cheeks anymore and they're... dunno, British xD The only one who kept being awesome is Snape. And he's effin sexy in real life too <3 [ yeah, I know he's old xD ]

    Haa, yatta~ ^o^ Glad I'm converting you xD Just like you are doing with me, making me watch 25-eps anime xD

    Ofc we won't~ <3 It's just too epic

    Nah, I don't have to have a PSP. My friend is some kind of super genius and can make PSP games work on PC xD That's how he playes them all.

    Woah, Dissidia sounds really good~ Will give it a try, sankyu <3

    Hahahah, are you that good at reading minds? But how come you expected me to like Kadaj?

    Yeah, same here with Sephiroth. Out of the girls, I guess my favorite one is Tifa~

    Heheh x3 Gackt is the guy I went in Munich for, only to see his concert~ God, I loved that man. But now I feel like he's trying to act cool, which doesn't really impress me, and I don't like the music he's made lately either. So I'm gonna stick with loving the old Gackt <3

    Nono, I was talking about the Togainu no Chi manga xD

    Hahah, sou da ne~ x3 Demo nanka suki, deshou? [ see the basic Japanese creeping in? can you see it? xD and omg, your Japanese is so correctly cute and cutely correct. wanna talk like that too ; - ; please make your Japanese rub onto me *bows* ]

    Like like like, when they got married. Certainly didn't expect that. And when Kirito discovered Akihiko. I clearly didn't see that coming! I expected them to work hard until they reached the last stage. And when Kirito got out of the game, I was like 'so now what, gonna show us how they live happily ever after for 11 more episodes?' and then - bam - Asuna is trapped in another game xD

    This anime is full of surprises. And right now I'm finishing episode 20 and I don't want it to end ; - ;
  • HelenaK
    P.S. I can't. Watch. The last. Episode.

    I was so sure that they're gonna live happily ever after, now that Asuna is finally back!... But that crazy guy has a knife and aasdfadsfas what if he kills Kirito-kun? ;o; Nooooes, I want a happy ending >o<

    Med, if SAO doesn't have a happy ending, I'll never forgive you T-T
  • Medyrius
    Speaking of seiyuu actors, who are your favs? As for me, I particularly like Kazuya Nakai and Paku Romi(a woman voicing for male characters oÔ).
    God! I didn't know MAL was so detailed about all this o_O

    Same here for english! I don't speak it very often and I don't feel easy to speak it, matter of habit i guess, I lose my words and making sentences takes much more time than it should ^^'

    LMAO! U just killed me with "they all look so... British"! It's so true though, and I agree the first movies were more fun and above all, more colorful...
    I happen to dream of a Tv show version of Harry Potter being made someday. Let's hope for it! ^^

    Ah I see what u mean, he must be using a Emulator. I used to do the same for Gameboy Advance and other old game consoles. I didn't know that the PSP had one already, that's good to know for when I'll want to play CCFF7 again ^^

    Well about kadaj, I guess it's becuz I re-watched Advent children not long ago and that time it was on a bigger screen than before and I got to see that he was kind of freaking cute... That's why I thought u might like him :p
    Btw, I love Tifa too, but I love Aerith a little more xD

    Hah, I think I know how u feel, there are times when stars don't shine their brightest...

    Ahhh!, I just realized that we've been mixing up Togainu no chi and FF Unlimited on the previous comments. I actually meant FF unlimited when I said that the image was puzzling (the image of the girl with her clothes ripped...), and I guess u thought I was talking about the yaoi part in Togainu no chi xD

    Oh I'm so flattered that u like my poor japanese :D, u're not that bad either u know, using deshou is cute too ;)
    I learn jap mostly through anime & music that's why I kind of like it using anime speech ^_^

    Damn SAO, I felt exactly the same when the end was drawing near... I remember having kept the two last episodes for at least 2 weeks before watching them xD
  • Medyrius
  • HelenaK
    Hahah, yeah, MAL is really awesome x3

    And yesyesyes, Paku Romi, yes!
    I love that woman and her voice.

    She voiced Hitsugaya, right? I remember watching some episodes of Bleach just to hear his voice xD
    And Ed's, right?
    And somehow, she can switch so easily to Teresa's voice~

    Other than that, I like Fukuyama Jun. You just can't not like him after voicing Grell in Kuroshitsuji x3 Which, btw, you haven't watched *throws disappointed look* And I'm not gonna add that, aside from that, he also voiced the uke in a yaoi I totally love. No, I'm not gonna add that.

    Mhm mhm! Ah, a man who understands me xD

    But srsly now, I'm so nervous for this month's mock exam. I can already see me going all ''cause' and 'like' and 'yeah' xD

    Un, un! Itsuka~ xD
    If not, let's team up to make one, hahah. But don't let me touch the script, I'll make it so yaoi you won't even recognize it.

    Tokoro de, last night I was reading a Drarry fic [ Harry + Draco fanfiction, yes? no? okay... ] and this girl was writing so, so beautiful. I didn't even understand some of the words. And I was wondering... There are a lot of fic writers who have such a great talents, and yet, none of them is a real writer, with books published and all that. And I keep wondering why. I've read books [ ok, fine, pages of books, 'cause I'm not patient enough to read a book that doesn't make me madly in love with it ] much, much worse than a lot of the fics. And still, those are books, and these are fics. Why? ; - ;

    Omg, you know that kind of sorcery as well? xD Gee, you guys... I barely know how to use the UltraIso thingy. How can you be so... computer-genius?

    Hahahah, so I look like I like cute guys? :3 Well yeah, I do. Not too cute, like the stupid & cute type, but yeah, Kadaj is the perfect villain for me~

    Hahah, gotcha, Aerith is number 1 one for you x3

    Ah! Hahahahahaha, you're right, we were xD Sorry, I mixed them up. I guess they're both puzzling, hahah

    Mm, sou da ne~

    I've been trying to find a new 'obsession' lately, but I guess it doesn't go that way xD I wasn't searching for anything when I found Gackt, and I shouldn't be doing that now.
    You don't go out on the street and look for potential boyfriends/girlfriends, right? xD Though I do like to catch sexy Asians on my radar x3 [ btw, this radar of mine is very efficient, I can sense them from about 250 meters away xD I suddenly feel like looking towards smth, and then there he is! a beautiful Asian~ Yes, I am aware how creepy that sounds, hahah xD ]

    Hahah, yeah, me too xD That's why I'm having trouble when speaking in polite Japanese. When I'm with Eiko-san, my Japanese teacher, and I just can't remember a kanji, I'm like 'wasurechatta'. Then I remember who I'm talking to and I'm like 'uh uh uh, um, gomen nasai?' xD

    For the past few months I've been talking to some Japanese guys... well, not guys, men xD on fb and I can't go all anime on them, so it takes me even longer to reply to them because I have to use the polite speech xD

    I gotta start watching polite anime, hahah

    I'm sooo glad it finished well xD And the ending was quite ingenious, actually, didn't expect it. Again xD The part with the 'Za Shiido', I mean

    Thaaaaanks again for recommending it, I loved it~ ^o^

    P.S. Sent the friend request on MAL~ ^-^
  • Medyrius
    Damn! I didn't know she voiced teresa too *o*, that makes me want to watch Claymore again but right now I'm too busy for rewatching, maybe someday, kitto ^^

    LOL, I'm sure u'll be fine with your exam, just avoid putting those xD; and it's noted!, I'll handle the script myself for our future HP Tv show xD
    Demo ne, what is it that makes u like yaoi's so much? I'm wondering that so bad...

    U're so right about fanfics! I guess it's up to them, not wanting to be official writers but amazing fic writers in the stead... I ran into a fic of HP7 someday but before I knew it was one, I actually did think I was reading HP7, the text was so great that I didn't see anything until I finally realized that the story was different... [She made Dudley a wizard... oO!]

    Huhu, it's no big deal u know, the true geniuses are the ones making the emulators, vid-games and other amazing softwares! I'm a program coder myself but my level is far below that which is required to make emulators, or games like SAO xD

    You super power is quite interesting, it'll surely come in handy for not letting your future husband escape you, cuz i'm assuming he's gotta to be a kawaii Asian, right?

    It must be so nice having an auntie as jap personal teacher, I'd soo love that!
    Just how more lucky than me are u? It's unfair... :(

    Oh what a surprise! Your AL is full of shorties :p I'll take my time picking some animes from there, but I'm afraid I'll have to ask you first about the yaoi degree of each one xD

    Don't thank me for SAO, we're both lucky to know it... I've immediately recommended it to both of my sisters though they're not so much into anime, I was absolutely sure they'd like it and they did :D
  • HelenaK
    I wanna catch up with the manga. I read until chapter 130 and there are 4 more available now. Plus, I'm starting to forget stuff xD

    My memory really doesn't last too much. I can remember the plot in big lines, but the rest is evading me xD And it's the second time already that I'm reading Claymore ;- ; Buu

    Hahahah, yoroshiku ne x3

    Mm, sou da ne, nani ka na... Hmm... I wondered myself as well, but I'm not so sure. If I had to say what pluses it's got, it would be the fact that the size is never exagerated [ike in hentai and yuri ]. Also, the story, no matter how plotless, without any romance, is still cute [ except the weird ones, where yeah, it's just yaoi ].

    Maybe it's because even though it's sex, it doesn't concert or touch me at all, because it's got nothing to do with me? Because there are no females in yaoi.

    I don't know, really. I first read a yaoi manga because I was curious what that was, and I thought it was intriguing. Then I started liking it and now I love it xD But I can't tell for sure why. Whenever I feel like reading a shortie, I search for a yaoi, no matter how meaningless the plot, because I know I'll like it only because it's yaoi. So yeah, I guess it remains a mystery even for me xD

    Demo how come you were so [find a word better than curious, my brain won't work right now ] about this?

    Hahahahah, the exact same thing happened to me! I don't remember what made me realize it wasn't actually a book, but the style was so accurate it totally fooled me!

    But omg, srsly now, Dudley a wizard? xD I would more easily picture Harry as a bad guy than this, hahah

    So you read HP fics too? *happily wags imaginary tail*

    Uuuuuuuuuuuh. That program coder thingie sounded so deep, I feel like pointing at you and going 'He's one of them!'.

    Then then then. If I asked you smth about installing a game, could you help me? :''3 'Cause you see, I've always been rather retarded when it came to computer, even though I'd won a lot of informatics awards when I was little xD

    Hahahah, hope so xD Asians and Indians are really attractive to me, though out of them all, Japanese win x'3

    But I don't wanna be that kind of girl that keeps her boyfriend on a leash, you know? xD Gotta give some air to the poor man.
    So I'm gonna use my 'radar' only to find him, hah

    Um... gomen mi? ; - ;

    Ahahahaha. Hahah. Aha. Ha. Why, yes, it is, you big bully XD

    And sure, feel free to ask~ x3 But no worries, there are rather few yaoi anime [ not including the sounen-ai ones xD ]

    Wah, you've got two sisters? Suge na~ I'm an only child xD Though I do have a some kind of step-sister. We're not related by blood, she's just my dad's wife's daughter, but I dunno what else to call her xD

    How old are your sisters? :3

    Ne ne ne, what time is it over there now? I'm curious~ x3
  • Medyrius
    Nani!! The story's being continued then?

    I don't know, I was a bit shocked first time I looked up for "yaoi" in my jisho...
    Bcuz, it was my first time hearing it and I was like, "what! there's gotta be some kind of mistaking!" xD
    The truth is I don't approve that kind of non conventional relationships, maybe becuz it's terribly degrading in both my religion and society, but the fact is I just find it deeply disgusting...
    I can tolerate some okama (transvestite) in animes when it's meant to make me laugh, like in One piece (There are lots of those in One piece) but above that it's just impossible u_u'

    I absolutely don't blame u for liking that though, it's just it's not something my mind can easily handle xD and I find it funny since u're actually a "normal" girl right?

    Darou?! I thought it was very daring... But I didn't continue reading that, I was actually looking for JK's version of HP7 ^^ and no I don't read HP fics. *amusedly sees Ely's imaginary tail wagging slower xD* :p
    It's not that I don't like it, I just haven't found time for it yet...

    LMAO! nice picturing!
    Sure, installing games's become a second nature, i've installed so many... But it's not supposed to that hard, most of the time u just need to click on a "Next" button, I wonder what issue u've run into...

    I happen to fantasize on cute japanese girls too, with a super cute anime voice xD
    But as u may guess I also fantasize about every type of woman, from all over the globe xD otoko dakara ne ^^
    I'd like to try your radar someday, so don't break it until then ;p
    Do u have a boyfriend? or have u already had one?

    [Um... gomen mi? ; - ;
    Ahahahaha. Hahah. Aha. Ha. Why, yes, it is, you big bully XD] I don't get it, isn't it great having your auntie as jap personal trainer? I'm confused :s

    I have one 10-months older bro and my siters are 20 & 16. the younger's developping more interest into anime and stuff, I think it's matter of time before she becomes a full-fledged otaku too... we're being called "japanese freaks" in the house xD
    Her main stuff is music awards and teen Tv shows and she loves One-D...

    So I guess u're older than your half sister right? what kind of relationship do u have?

    Hmm right now it's [1:38pm], when u'll be done reading this comment, compare with the time count in the notification, i'm also curious to know our time difference ^^
  • HelenaK
    Well, I haven't watched the last episode of Claymore, so I don't really know. Right now, I'm at the part where they're fighting with Priscilla, who's, ofc, kicking their ass.

    Seriously? You reacted so cute I could've never guessed you don't tolerate it!

    It's the same with my religion and the society I live in, but people aren't as nice as you are. They just start cursing and being jerks, like my father does all the time xD Well, not anymore, since the last time he did that, we were in the restaurant of a hotel [ winter vacation ] and I remember I replied smth that made him shut up, because he felt embarassed that people herd his daughter agreed with gay relationships xD

    The only part I agree with, so to speak, is the 'disgusted' one. I get it can make you feel that way. My mom isn't disgusted by gay guys, but by the way they make love. However, she likes them too and she has a lot of gay friends, just like her daughter <D

    I think the other things are just preconceived ideas which rubbed on us because the people around us have them too.

    I have a very small form of... um, not-likement xD for ginger guys. I'm not disgusted or anything, but I just don't like gingerheads. I guess we all have some things we are kind of allergic to xD

    But really now, I'm still amazed at the way you think versus the way you act. How can you act so nice when talking about something you can't really stand?

    Hahah, yeah, I guess I am xD I mean, I'm all for boys. But I do have a very good girl friend that always pecks me on the lips xD She's straight as well, but she does that to the girl friends she's really close to, hah.

    But I don't think I could ever kiss a girl. I tried imagining it once to see how I would react, but it's really not my cup of tea xD However, I'm a very cuddly person and I'm almost not shy at all with my friends [ otherwise, I'd be too embarassed to say hello xD you should know that it took me some courage to come up to you and say thanks for the challenge ], so I may appear to like both girls and boys.

    *drops tail and starts sniffing* And I thought... Med... was one of us T-T My whole life has been a life!

    I know about the next thingy, thank you XD Phahah, that I can do, you know?

    I'm talking about... mm, say, installing Sims 3. My friend did it for me, with weird programs and codes and stuff like that, and my PC kind of commited suicide, so now it's gone. And there's no way I could do it xD

    God, I really am helpless, hah xD No PC skills, can barely cook... oh, I would make such a good wife! xD

    Hahah, hontouuuuu? Sincere guy Med-kun, ii ko ne~ C'mon, confess to Mother Ely xD

    Demo doushite 'otoko dakara ne'? It's not like girls don't do the same o.o

    Hahah, gotcha! I'll take good care of it :3

    I had, we broke up a couple of weeks ago, been together for one year. He was my first boyfriend [ yeah, people say I'm too selective xD ], if you don't count the blond boy from kindergarten with whom I used to hold hands and kiss on the cheeks x3 Wasn't I a femme fatale? Hahahah

    The 'gomen mi' part was for my having an Eiko-san and you not having an Eiko-san. Ely felt bad *lowers imaginary fluffy ears*

    And the 'you big bully' part was for you picking on my list full of shorties xD

    Omg, you have 3 siblings? o_o Su-ge na! How is it, how is it? *wags tail*

    Hahah, I support her transformation into a full-fledged otaku!

    Ah, I sometimes watch those on MTV as well, but I usually don't have time or prefer reading instead [ I'm a bookworm, can't survive more than a month without reading something xD at school, if I forget to bring a book, I start asking around and, if no one has smth to read, I just turn to the textbooks xD ]. Not 1D though xD The only non-Japanese music I listen to is the one made by Cinema Bizarre [ visual kei, what a surprise! ], Adam Lambert [ gay! another surprise ] and Lady Gaga [ likes gay guys, I'm full of surprises ]

    Tokoro de, other than the op & endings, what does Med-kun listen to?

    Nope, she's 2 years older than me. Well, we get along. We don't have anything in common really, but she's a nice girl. She paints like a godess, which is the only time when she shows her sensible side. Her choiches of boyfriends are not the best, but after all, her mother set her an example by marrying dad, so what do you expect? xD

    Ah, before you think anything, I don't hate my dad or anything. He's a good guy as well... I think. But he's the typical husband, who expects his wife to cook, clean, iron, make sure to be pretty all the time and always agree with him. So yeah, not what I would look for in a man xD

    Ah, it was 5:38 pm here. So I'm 4 hours after Med-kun~ That's not so bad :3

    Just to be sure, here it's 6:30 pm now. What about there?
  • Medyrius
    Yo Ely-chin, sorry for late reply, I had connexion issues...

    I don't know where to start ^^, well, i think I'd lie to u if I said I understand gays, that's actually the most intriguing part for me. I find it's sooo uncool of a man not to live his sexuality like it's meant to be for him [Same for girls, but it's men I can't tolerate the most] xD. I happen to tell myself it's some kind of disease or a malediction that just hits some people who have no choices left but to accept it... But then again I just can't imagine how a man can give in to that :s I mean, I'd rather kill myself than live with that if it happened to me, and I know that would make me a coward for not facing the truth but I'd seriously prefer that...
    And becuz i consider it a disease, I'm really, really terrified to the idea that it could happen to me someday *brrr, tries hard not to think about it xD*

    On the other hand, I know there are some depraved people out there that live just for experimenting new stuffs and they just don't know where to stop, and I guess they find pleasure stepping over some natural limits that should never change for eternity... I think those are psychopathes, for me they're equal to murderers, sadists, nazi, etc. the only difference to me is that they don't actually harm of kill anyone, what they do is simply an insult their humanity and the human race. I wish they duly pay for it at the judgment day.

    In both the cases, I don't think people should treat'em wrong, I mean there are human rights and everyone does what he likes with his/her body and since the
    facts are here, we have no choice but to live with it... Some people can tolerate it while some others can't but in the end I think one should never be judged for what he claims to be. That's the almighty's job, not ours ^^

    I've never been in contact with a gay/lesbian, just heard of it, in my country they have to hide for their lives, our society hasn't accepted them yet [I don't think we'll ever do ^^]
    But i think I could be friend with a gay as long as his gaytude doesn't envade my space and above all, i don't want to know anything about their feelings for other men or about their sexual practices, eghrk! :x


    Hmm, I'm not sure but I think weird installations come along with copied games, if so then there must be some text file that explains everything u need to do and enven PC noobs should be able to handle that. If not so then how about describing me what kind of files u have?

    Bang! I'm unmasked xD, I'll tell u a secret, I actually can't resist cute faces but I'm way too shy to talk to girls... So far never had a GF, but I've already "loved" in secret 3 times and my first time i sent a love letter, it was a disaster, I didn't even get a written answer as I hoped T-T
    I'm totally "dame da!" and I'm not embarrased to say, I'm still a virgin ^^' [I actually am, a little bit xD]

    U're right, tch! i wonder why I said that, i guess it's has somthing to do with the fact that a man can marry up to 4 women in my religion [polygamy]...
    I don't think I could do that though...

    I find it so cute, your kindergarten adventure :p a Femme fatale
    I'm curious to know why u broke up with your guy but it's all ok if u don't want to talk about it ;)

    Oh i didn't see your fluffy ears so far, the picture's now complete! Ely-chan's a neko, nante kawaii ^o^, reminds me there's a super cute neko seiyuu in Seteins;gate. I love it so much-nya ^^

    Well it's kind of hard to answer that question, but what I can tell for sure is that having siblings makes home life very fun and enjoyable, with fights, jokes and games... The moments I prefer are when everyone shares their funny misadventures of the day and we all laugh about it :D

    Other than anime themes, I'd say I listen to everything that sounds good, no particular choices but I do have some singers I prefer, I like Francis Cabrel, french oldies singer, Lene Marlin, Amy Mcdonald. I also prefer songs with deep lyrics that I can't understand immediately ^^

    LOL, looks like you father's a macho man :p

    Phew, finally ended!
    About the time difference I think u calculated wrong, did u take the notification duration into acount? I did and it appears u're just 2 hours away. To be sure i checked a timezone website :p
  • HelenaK
    No worries~ I'm glad your net is back *wags tail*

    Hmm~ Normally, I would totally frown and turn my back to someone who talked like this, because I'd consider them close-minded (which proves I'm the close-minded one with preconceived ideas). But Med-kun talks differently~

    As for me, I can't really grasp how one considers it some kind of illness. Dunno, it just doesn't connect xd i mean, rationally, I get you, but it doesn't go ding ding ding.

    From my point of view, love is love, no matter its form. So all I see i couples, no matter if straight or gay, is love.

    But I think there is something... Mm... This is just a speculation, I'm not sure about it. But it might be that, well, gay people are marginalised in all countries, more or less. There are very strict countries, more or less. There are the very strict countries, like yours, the strict ones, like mine, and the less strict ones, like Germany (or what I saw of Germany). Gay people are looked down upon and, basically, bullied.

    And I think I may feel close to them because I've been bullied myself since I was little (I still am, but I'm stronger now xD *flexes inexistent muscles*). I realized that I feel more comfortable around people that don't look like they're adored by everyone, too. So I think this contributed to my liking gay guys.

    But don't worry, being gay is not smth that can rub onto people xd And med is definitely straight~

    Un, I get what you mean. However, as you said, they don't harm anyone, so it's none of my business what they do. After all, we all have the potential to be like that. But our family and entourage and the way we are being raised make us choose different paths. So, I believe that up to some point it's not their fault and it's not our merit for the path we are taking. Further on, however, we must realize what kind of people we are and what kind of lives we want. After we decide that, we become responsable for what kind of life we are running.

    Aaaand I totally agree with you. It's God's job to judge, not the people's.

    Hahah, gee, Med x3 You're as full of surprises as SAO, I swear! I would’ve ever guessed you’d say you could be friends with a gay person, even on those conditions. I think… you might just be the cutest person I’ve ever mean. And the most open-minded, gosh.

    By the way, is it bad if I say you’re cute? o.o ‘Cause I remember it took my ex-boyfriend quite some time before he accepted the term ‘cute’ as a compliment xD

    Mmmkay then, PC Master-sama, I shall look through my stuff and present the files to Your Highness ;3

    Wait wait! I know this scene xD It happens all the time in anime. The guy says he’s shy with girls, so the girl is surprised and asks him how come he’s okay with her. The guy replies ‘Well, we’re friends, so it’s different’, and that’s when the girl puffs her cheeks out and inquiries ‘Are you trying to say I don’t resemble a girl?’ and angrily stomps out of the room.

    Wah, a love letter! So cute~ Nobody does that anymore *pouts*
    Girls get easily worried and don’t know what to do. Also, most of them prefer running away to hurting the guy’s feelings, so maybe that’s why she didn’t reply.

    You’re the bravest guy I’ve ever seen, Med! I mean it, I admire guys like you. Any guy has the courage to start a fight with another one, especially if a female species is also concerned, but admitting that, that’s a real man. Sugoi na, Med-kun *super wags tail*

    Yeah, true. Even if women were allowed that as well, I don’t believe I could do it either xD I mean, I don’t see the point. If you want to have a dozen men, you can do so, but when you marry someone, that’s supposed to be the special one. So I don’t really get the purpose behind this thing.

    [ offtopic: I’m at the school library right now, and the most popular teacher in school, Mr Alex (he looks really good, has awesome American English and 3 or 4 ear piercings), just came in. How do I know that without glancing up? His perfume reaches people within a range of 2 kms xD ]

    If it’s Med-kun, I don’t mind telling~ But it’s kind of a long, tangled story. And you’ve got to promise not to hate me afterwards~ Also, in return, you’ve got to tell me the story of one of your ‘love adventures’ :3

    Hehe, sou desu yo~ *purrs* Ah, I love neko seiyuus x3 They add brightness to an anime.
    Actually, believe it or not, I do act kind of like a cat when I’m happy x’’3 I really do purr [ yes, my neck’s a weird job ] and like to nose people [ You know how cats nose you when they’re happy they’re caressing their fur? Myup, that’s me. Only, I don’t bit your nose, like my kitty does xD ]. And I involuntary get meow sounds out, which, apparently, are very accurate, because cats always turn to look at me when I do that xD Oh, and I kind of make meowing-resembling sounds in my sleep. Or, at least, that’s what my friends tell me xD I guess I’m not such a ‘normal girl’, as you said, hahah

    Hee, sounds so awesome~ *sways tail*
    When I was little, I always wanted a little brother or sister, but then I thought I’d have to share the computer with them, and I was like nuh-uh xD I was a bad kid.
    You know, I had an awesome kindergarten time. I think my favorite part back then was when we all went into the biiiig garden [ I bet it’s actually rather small, but to a 5-year old child, it must’ve seemed huge xD ] and the girls got into formation and attacked the boys, hahah. We always beat them xD And I enjoyed kicking their ass. Told ya I was a femme fatale!

    I’ll have to check them out *makes note* And yeah, I agree with the lyrics part. That’s why I don’t listen to Romanian music. It’s all about sex, more sex, some kind of love that’s sooo no love, and again sex. The old Romanian music, though, is awesome <3 So that’s why I’m rather out of fashion, unlike all my friends xD

    Hahah, yeah, I guess he is. I never thought about this, but you’re right, you know xD He’s a very funny guy and everybody loves having him around. Only, I don’t like his mean jokes. They’re… disturbing xD

    Hahahah, I’m sorry I made you write so much x3 I’m really talkative once I'm get rid of my shy side ^//^ And I like talking to Med, it’s really relaxing~ *sways tail*

    Yeah well xD What can you expect, I’m in the humanities section. Never been a big fan of maths, hah. Though I loved algebra. And I still do, actually. But geometry… nah, not my cup of tea.

    P.S. I wrote this yesterday at the library, but I only got to send it to you now, ‘cause I had to study for the Olympiad that’s… *snif*… this weekend T_T And I’m freaking oooout, but I hope I’ll manage somehow. Writing has always been my forte in competitions, so I’m putting all my hopes in that xD
    Anyway, what I’m trying to say is~ henji ga okurete, gomen nasai *bows*

    Ah, and I'm glad there's only 2 hours between us *wags tail*
  • Medyrius
    LOL, I don't mind u saying I'm cute ^o^, I like that kind of compliments from girls xD, it tickles man virility a bit though [depends on people xD]
    I bet that deep down your ex didn't actually mind that much either. It's just we rather prefer being called tough or bad
    ass, etc. that kind of words are somehow more reassuring xD

    LMAO good point! But don't worry about that, I bet I'd be very shy with u if we met, in
    the beginning at least, but I don't feel that way when writing, that's exactly why I was so tempted by writing a love letter xD

    And yea I guess it can be very creepy but I've realize it too late unfortunately, but in my
    case yes she didn't reply but she sent the paper back without a word, which was rather a clear answer xD.
    The most funny part is that I used super high level words in the letter and it felt super embarassing in French class when the teacher said one of them xD I remember she even laughed about it once, made me feel like a shit but now I can laugh about it myself ^^

    Haha, I'm not sure if that's really "being a real man", I'm just a very straigh person.
    I can't tell lies even when I have to lie to get myself out of complicated situations.
    My family and some friends of mine use to tell me that I should learn to "not always tell things the way they are", or else I may end up hurting some people's feelings, like if I once told my wife she's become fatter xD
    But I think it's always better to tell things how they are, and then u can try finding some good justification if u have to, that way u can avoid a lot of misunderstandings...

    Deal! I don't think I could hate u anyway and I think I can tell u one of my oh how funny and uninteresting love adventures xD, no problem ;)

    Whoa! after hearing that i'd almost believe u if u told me u like cat food xD :p
    U think it's anime/manga influence? I guess u'd be very good at cosplaying kitty
    characters then :p, ever tried that btw?

    Oh, don't be duped in that part, when it comes to sharing Tv or computer, having siblings is a true pain and I don't think that will ever change xD
    What! Man I'm so happy I didn't grow up with u :p, I kind of feel sorry for all those boys :(

    I'm no fan of local music either, if it's allways about sex in Romania, here it's always about love and songs are almost all the same since ages, same tempo, same words, same patterns... And many of them use to copy the world's great hits and then perform exact remakes in our local language... Really sucks :/
    Though, some original music's made every now and then but it's very rare...

    I hate maths [started hating it in Terminal class], which is actually a paradox for an informatician, but I just can't eat it, though my father's a math professor... It's not that I'm specially bad at it, but I've grown allergic to basic maths with theorems and stuffs xD

    Sounds serious your Olympiads thing, but why do u need to study, isn't it about sports? I'm a bit lost ^^'
    Anyway, I whish u all the luck in advance, "sore ni, henji ga okuretemo mondai naikara, ki ni shinaide ne ;)"
  • Medyrius
    PS : forgot to say that u've beaten your own record of the longest comment, that's simply amazing :p
  • HelenaK
    Hahahah, it tickles man virility, you say xD Gee, you're awesome

    Yeah, I guess it is more reassuring xD Wait wait. Can you imagine me calling you badass? Like 'Oh, Med~ You're so... badass! *insert purr*'

    Yeah, same with me xD I'd be all awkward with you if we met. Then I'd probably just start making conversation to get rid of it xD

    You know, I feel like I lost my touch. My replies are kinda lame today... Maybe I used up all my unexisting awesomeness when I sent a really long reply to another friend earlier today. Yeah, that must be it... So sorry for the lack of amusement in this comm xD

    Well XD You were kids~ Small females may be very weird. And maybe another female adviced her to do so, whaddya know. But no, seriously, I used to do some weird and not at all nice stuff when I was little too xD For a thing, I never shared my toys, unless I totally loved you. I didn't even understand why I should let you play with my toys when they're mine xD My little selfish brain won't tell me.

    Nawww~ Cute little Med x3 You were brave when you were a kid too~ I've always been a chicken xD The only times when I actually have the courage to stand up is when I do it for somebody else.

    Ah, can you imagine that I was 11 and I was too shy to go and buy bread? xD Dunno where that comes from, 'cause my mom's freaking crazy, never seen her be too shy to do something.

    Phahahahahahah *falls off her chair laughing* I just imagine you telling your wife she got fatter. Omg, Med *wipes tears* If we ever meet and you feel like I'm fat, tell me, I wanna see your face when you do it xD

    I do lie, but I'm not very good at it when it's face to face. I can fool people as long as they're not very good friends, 'cause they see through me xD That's why I don't even try with them anymore. If I did smth wrong, I put up my best puppy eyes face and meow. And I'm usually forgiven with a 'bad girl' comment xD

    And yeah, I agree. Best way is not to lie, but sometimes I don't feel strong enough to tell the truth. Though I usually confess afterwards xD

    Yay, I love stories <3 But I'll send you mine on MAL, 'cause otherwise I'd make a super long comment here xD

    Ahaha, I tried cat food once, but I wasn't too impressed xD I guess I'll stick with the human food, hah

    Nah, I've been doing this before I even knew anime existed xD Maybe I was a cat in another life, hah

    Me, cosplay? Nuh-uh, not in a million years. Too shy xD People would look at me. Dun wanna *hides under the bed*

    Oh, so it's not that I'm an awfully heartless person that doesn't want to share PC time? xD Well then, I' relieved, thanks

    Ahaha, c'mon, I wasn't that bad! It's not like I sent them straight to hospital or anything xD Plus, how bad could a kindergarten kid know how to hit?

    Though I remember that our 'leader' once hit a guy in his knee. He grabbed his knee, jumped a few times going 'ow ow ow' and then fell on his back xD That was our biggest victory, hahah

    Ah, I just remembered smth! I was the 'third leader'. Andra was the big one, and when she wasn't at kindergarten, Beatrice [ god, was that girl beautiful~ I think I fell in love with her xD ] would be the one we all looked up to. And then came Ely xD Pfft, some kids we were

    Yeah, it's exactly the same here! Same tempo, same words, same patterns in every song. And yeah, sometimes we get some good music, but it's rare xD

    I feel you~ *high five*
    My mom's an English teacher [ or was xD she teacher for like 3 years then gave up, hah ], but I didn't like English when she was trying to teach me xD

    Good thing about our highschool is that our maths teacher, who's actually a real mathematician, understands that we don't like the subjects, and grades us on a project and a passion. I got three 10s [ that's the max grade here ] for showing him I know the numbers in Japanese xD

    Ahaha, me and sport, sport and me, you got it xD I'm the laziest person you'll ever meet, I can guarantee that xD

    No, it's like the biggest English contest. 'Cause, well, it's and Olympiad. But it's just to test our English, no moving required xD And arigatou~ ^o^ Ganbarimasu~

    GodIloveyourJapanese. Dayum xD

    P.S. *bows* Thank you, thank you *bows* Where's my prize? xD
  • Medyrius
    Hahahah, it's pretty hard actually since I don't use to act like a "warui ko", which ofc, I'm not, but I'd so like to be one sometimes... [just so u can tell me 'Oh, Med~ You're so... badass!' + the purr ofc xD] :p

    What?! I absolutely disagree with your "unexisting awesomeness", you really ARE awsome ;)
    Sore ni daijoubu da yo, ely-chin no commento ha totemo tanoshikatta, aikawarazu ne ;)

    Shikashi odoroita naaa! o_O, how did u guess!? There definitely was another girl, a close friend of hers, and I had all the reasons suspecting her to be the one pulling the strings... Somehow she seemed to quite enjoy seeing me in that weird situation ^_^'

    U're right! There's No way I could imagine that! A "moto" femme fatale at kindergarten being too shy to go buy some bread alone? Maru de betsujin jyanai ka? sore. Moshikashite, were u afraid of the shopkeeper's huge beard or something? :p

    Huhuhu, I can still give it a try, but u have to promise not to hit or bite me :p, I'm sure I won't have to tell u that anyway xD

    Heh I guess u were like "charlie's angels" ^^ But what did they become? I mean Andra and Beatrice. U kno what, NOW I wish we grew up together so I get to see that beauty xD. But then I'm sure I'd just write a love letter to her too LOL!

    It was a very good deal being graded for your passion. Just how lucky have u been with your loving jap so far? o_O

    Oh I have to say I didn't expect you to be an anti-sport! but I should've guessed when I knew u were a neko :p I imagined u a very dynamic person instead, how foolish of me xD

    PS : Oh it's true, u really deserve one! I'll ask beeant about it ;) [nante ne :p]
  • HelenaK
    So how should I picture Med the Badass? *swishes tail* Smth like Kayaba or more on the cocky side?

    [ offtopic: Aah *yawns* I woke up at 1 pm and I'm still sleepy. I swear nature's playing with me ]

    Hahah, thankies~ But if I am awesome with you, it's only because you make me like that! You know what they say, my personality is who I am, but my attitude depends on who you are xD

    Nara ureshii~ ^-^ And nemui. But that's another story xD

    Well, whaddya know, I'm a girl! xD We learn smth new every day~
    Few girls have the courage to take a decision without asking for advice from their best friend. But in the end, you'll still listen to yourself, not to your friend. So if she doesn't agree with what you want to do at first, you'll just keep nagging her until she does. Then you can proudly say 'Well, she told me to!' xD

    Hahahah, no, he didn't have a beard xD [ omgIloveyourJapanese ; - ; ] But I was kind of an idol back at kindergarten. I was the tallest girl, so I was the only one who could reach the branches of the mulberry tree. People from my hometown [ we moved to Bucharest, the capital, when I was 8 ] love sour things, so mulberry was really our cup of tea. And every time we went out in the garden to play, the whole kindergarten would make a circle around me and ask me to get some for them xD So maybe that's why I wasn't shy with the kids there.

    You know, now that I think about it, I've always, always been the tallest girl. In the whole kindergarten, then in every class [ I changed 4 schools xD ]. But I'm actually short ; - ;

    Before highschool, every guy in my class barely reached my chest. As soon as highschool started, I barely reached their chest o_o What kind of sorcery is this? I feel small *goes n hides in a cave*

    Pinky promise, you'll get out of it alive if you tell me I'm fat, hahahah xD

    Why why? Do you think I'm that slim? Remember I don't like sports xD

    Phahahahahahahah, you're awesome! Gee, and he says I am. [ I'm still grinning at the PC, you know? xD I bet I look very smart ]

    I don't know, really. After kindergarten, Andra and I went to a modelling course, but she was in the morning and I in the afternoon. I remember I got really mad at mom for that, because I loved Andra xD [ yeah, I love a lot of girls ] About Beatrice I don't know. But I could just look them up on the internet and see what highschool they got into. Or faebook *shrugs* Everyone has fb. A friend told me, while I still didn't have one, that that means I don't exist xD

    Ah! I just remembered something! You know I told you I liked that guy in kindergarten? Well, there was a guy who liked me as well <D But I couldn't stand him, hah. He was very tall, he had a weird family name, and he came every break to tell me he loves me. And I just rolled my eyes, told him to leave me alone and walked away xD Cruel kid, huh? I was really straight-forward when I was little, hah

    Rather lucky xD My last school before highschool was a weak one, full of kids that kept failing and never managed to get in the next grade. Back in the 7th grade, our headteacher was a physics one [ the one who's teaching me right now too, in my highschoool \(^o^)/ ]. She's got the biggest heart in the world, I swear.

    A bunch of people from overseas came to our school, so we had to make smth special. And my headteacher somehow got the ok for me to tell a speech in Japanese, while Alice, my deskmate, awesome girl with awesome voice who pecked me on the lips, told it in Romanian.

    After the whole thing, who comes up to me, all smiling [ smiling! she never smiled ]? The headmistress. I was like 'omg, did I do smth wrong? please forgive me, I'm sorry, don't kill me' xD And she starting boasting about how she loves Japan and haiku and how many haiku books she has and how beautiful I talked and nanana. So with that, I entered her grace and nobody could touch me anymore.

    Why was that so good? Because I used to skip school a lot. And by a lot, I mean a lot xD Mom got me that piece of paper that said I was sick and I stayed at home and studied by myself without having to wake up at 6 am. And I got better grades like that xD

    And who was so upsed that I skipped school? My math teacher, who used to be the second-in-command xD So she started going all 'Ooh, long time no see! How have you been? Sick? Yeah, I can imagine. Get up and tell the lesson' Oh, that big bully, how I hated her. Boys trembled when she made them go to the blackboard, so you can imagine the girls xD

    So yeah, the headmistress' protection came right in time.

    Well, I am dynamic, but not in movement xD I talk a lot [ you would've never imagined that, right? ], have enough energy, but I don't use it to work out. Though I'd like to, if I weren't alone. That's my biggest problem in everything xD I don't do anything if I'm alone. I'm helpless, hah

    P.S. No no no *pouts* That's not fair, Med-kun is a cheater~ The prize's gotta be from you *puffs cheeks out*
  • HelenaK
    P.S. *pokepokes him* Go check your messages on MAL
  • Medyrius
    No no, kayaba is too smooth and gentle. I'd think of someone more intimidating and not so friendly, yea smthing like Madarame Ikkaku(Super shining head : http://myanimelist.net/character/1151/Ikkaku_Madarame) or Grimmjow (http://myanimelist.net/character/1080/Grimmjow_Jaegerjaquez), both in Bleach ^^

    I've always admired characters that are full of confidence, super strong and that just don't care about anything... that's why sometimes I just can't breathe Ichigo when he falls all depressed becuz he wasn't able to save everyone xD

    For a mom I felt like saying "No way! how can that be!?" but then I remembered [again] that cats too sleep a lot xD then it must be normal for u too :p

    Well from what I know, super tall girls have more chances to make boys run away xD, so
    I think it's not so bad that u stopped growing straight up the roof ;)

    But somehow, I could bet I'm not taller than u. I have 1m80 on my identity card from 2008, how about u?

    Well yea, I do think you're rather slim, shouldn't I? I know plenty of anti-sport girls that are slim, doesn't it just depend on how greedy one is? xD [and on the stress too... :/]

    B'cuz I think being a non-sporting doesn't actually make you fat, but it sure
    makes u a lazzy person. Now, if you eat a lot on top of that, I mean lots of snacks added to the daily 3 meals, it's likely u become more and more rounded...

    Both my sisters are not great sport fans [well except for Tennis] but only the older one [Fatima] was rounded until she decided to go on a diet xD and that's because she's greedy and snacks evey now and then xD

    I used to have a fb but I stopped using it after less than a month, found it completely useless, but that's just my opinion ^^. I guess I stopped existing since then xD
    And ofc I don't like the other social networks any much...
    Was about to give Google+ a try but stopped after 2 hours xD

    It's funny! for young people japanese automatically makes you think about anime and manga but for older people it brings them back to their haikus! ^^
    I hope I'll have time to look into that someday... Probably after I meet my undeniable fate of learning kanji xD
    Ely-chin ha dou? Haiku ha shitteru ka?

    I get what u mean, female maths teachers are always the most fearful xD
    But no one will ever beat out maths teacher in 8th grade..
    The guy had a very short
    piece of wood hidden in his briefcase and u know what, he did'nt hasitate to use it when someone dared neglect his homework o_O
    You'd go home with what we used to call an "Adidas" back your calf, b'cuz the marks left by the wooden stick really looked like the adidas brand logo xD.

    U must be wondering how that's possible? Well just know that in my country, teachers are allowed to use those means on the blocked-head students... But it
    generally stops starting 6th grade, so I'll let u imagine how a traumatic experience it was for us xD

    PS : Alright lol, but I can't think of anything right now :/, how about u ask me something u'd like :p