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How would you translate this: 多分無理何だと思います。(hiragana equivalent:… - Feed Post by dondon

How would you translate this:
多分無理何だと思います。(hiragana equivalent: たぶんむりなんだとおもいます。)

I think it is "I think it's impossible." Is my translation right?

posted by dondon

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  • Rouena
    Well I think it's right~
  • Nico_Yacuzzi
    If the kanji for "nani" was not there, but just the hiragana, it would mean "I think that's because maybe it's impossible". But you could translate it as simply "I think that may be impossible".
    For instance, when you say "ame nan desu", you are saying something like "It's because it's raining". The "nan da/desu" after a na-adjective or noun, works as an explanation.
  • dondon
    oooh. very informative. thanks!
  • joejp