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I know you posted about donating to keep the site running. Have you considered doing a… - Feed Post from akitta74 to beeant

I know you posted about donating to keep the site running. Have you considered doing a Kickstarter? Just an idea. :)
posted by akitta74

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  • beeant
    Hello akitta74.

    thanks for sharing your idea. I thought of getting some crowd funding from kickstarter for JCJP, but I'm currently not located in the US and I don't know much about how kickstarter works. (I will read them later). Also looking at the projects on kickstarter, they look far more professional, maybe because they have their time, and most of them are working with team. I've been working on this alone in my spare time, coding, design, server, maintaining, etc. And of course many users have been helping me enthusiastically. I wish I can work on this and my other projects in my full time without worrying about financial, but still I need to pay some bills. I've been saving money until now, and hoping that I can speed it up by getting some funds, so that I can work on things I'm passionate about.
  • beeant
    or maybe you can help JCJP do fund raising :) that would be really helpful. I can write codes, and doing technical stuffs, devise ideas, etc. But it's kind of difficult for me to present and delivering my thoughts into words.. or maybe also because my thoughts on JCJP is not yet solid, there are some solid plan, but I'm still trying to pivot those plan adjusting with user feedback, habit, and preferences.
  • akitta74
    Sorry for the late response. I would totally love to help! I'll think of some ideas. I am actually studying English and literature right now, along with Spanish, so I am an expert at writing and putting everything into words. I'll come up with some ideas to fund raise and how ideas can be presented in a better way on this website! I'll keep you updated! :)
  • beeant
    Thank you! that would be really helpful.
    Have you checkout new JCJP beta page? http://beta.japaneseclass.jp
  • beeant
    Hello Akitta74,

    Long time no talk. So the new JCJP has been released now. Are you still interested in working together to put JapaneseClass in kick starter?

    Thank you,


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