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Brand new. Starting with hiragana correct? - Feed Post by Dallas_Dog

Brand new. Starting with hiragana correct?
posted by Dallas_Dog

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  • Zombie050
    That's what I'm doing. It's so confusing. Really struggling.
  • Dallas_Dog
    There are some basic pattern rules to the bottom section of the table and hi-bi with '' and a few other act that way.
  • rickartz
    There's a book called "remembering Kana" (Kana para recordar), that was very helpful to me when I was learning hiragana and katakana...

    Also I use an Android app called: Obenkyo, to test every day my japanese. Is very useful!

    I already know them!
  • Zombie050
    I was actually getting ready to say that there an app on the app store called Kana that's very helpful to learning Hiragana.
  • Raikunoso
    I recommend TextFugu. It helps you get the basics, with more of a personal experience, rather than simply just drilling Kana over and over.
  • Zombie050
    I also found a really good flashcard website that will help you -Realkana.com. it's pretty good to just sit down and practice the alphabet via flashcards
  • lkjmncvb
    use http://www.japanese-lesson.com/
  • Zombie050
    Thank you for showing me that site! The drills are really fun to do! ^.^