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See my comment (Social feeds) on the - Feed Post from kekkou to adkdcmorgan

See my comment (Social feeds) on the http://beta.japaneseclass.jp site. Username washoku.
posted by kekkou

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  • adkdcmorgan
    I agree with your comments. I like the new site. I evaluated the points last year and came to basically the same conclusion. There are several new features that are helpful. The points are not as good on the notes section on beta. The points are the same in the readings section. I love that the readings articles are somewhat archived in the new site. You can change the number in the address bar to see more articles in either version so there is more than anyone has time for. :) Once the new site goes live, lots more suggestions will pour into beaant. I brought up issues with the font clarity for kanji. He plans to fix that. :)