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Dental Equipment Leasing

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Dental equipment financing is a specialty at Abba Equipment Leasing. We’re relied upon by dental offices nationwide to finance the dental equipment they need – from the latest in imagine equipment to new dental chairs to everything else.[url=http://www.alandental.com/category-18-b0-Dental-Burs.html]Dental Burs[/url]

A successful dental practice is more than the straight dental equipment, however. There is office furniture, specific software, imaging equipment (which can now be utilized while standing, and gives a picture of the entire mouth.)

Even computer technology comes into play – many dentists now look at an x-ray image directly on a computer screen, and not a slide. All of these advances mean a need for financing dental equipment is apparent.

Abba Leasing has been doing just that for almost three decades. We have the experience and know-how to help you with dental equipment financing. Our great rates, simple application, and fast approval mean financing dental equipment will be completely painless.

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Dental Equipment Leasing
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