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3k Carbon Fiber Roll Wrapped T

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Product description:
Product name: 3k carbon fiber roll wrapped tube
Material: 100% carbon fiber
Surface finish: Natural, 3k plain/twill or as requested
Technique: Roll-wrapping
Service: OEM
Feature: High strength, light, durable, Long life
Diameter: 500 mm below can be customized, or according to order
Length: As requested
MOQ:100 pcs
Delivery:15~20 days
Packaging: Bubble bag and carton
By UPS, DHL, TNT, Fedex, SF Express.
By SEA (please advise the name of the destination Seaport, thanks)
By AIR (please advise the name of the destination Airport, thanks)

Features: 3k carbon fiber roll wrapped tube, the technology is roll-wrapped, so it's more durable than pultrusion.
Surface finish, we can provide natural, 3k weave, glossy, matte, etc.
Diameter, 500mm below, but it can be customized according to the order. About the length, we also can manufacture it according to your request.
And it can be used for sports, aircraft, etc.
If you have any doubts, you can contact us at all times. We are the top fiber roll manufacturer in China.
Carbon fiber is a new fiber material that boasts high strength with over 95% of carbon content and high modulus fiber. The flaky graphite microcrystal and other organic fibers pile along the axial direction of the fiber pile, and make the microcrystalline graphite material through carbonation and graphitization. Carbon fiber is "soft outside and solid inside". Its quality is lighter than aluminum while its strength is higher than iron and steel, and has corrosion resistance and high modulus. Therefore, it’s an important material both in the military and civilian aspects. It not only boasts the inherent intrinsic properties of carbon materials, but also enjoys the features of textile fibers that are soft and can be processed. No wonder it’s a new-generation reinforcing fiber.

Carbon fiber has many excellent properties. Carbon fiber boasts high axial strength and modulus, low density, high specific performance, non-creep, high temperature resistance in the non-oxidizing environment, fatigue resistance, specific heat and conductivity between the non-metallic and the metal. Besides, its thermal expansion coefficient is small and has anisotropy and favorable corrosion resistance. In addition, it also enjoys excellent electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity as well as electromagnetic shielding performance.

Weihai Xinbo Composite Products Co., Ltd., the manufacturer of the best 3k Carbon Fiber Roll Wrapped Tube, provides high-quality carbon fiber tubes for sale.

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3k Carbon Fiber Roll Wrapped T
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