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UV Laser Panels Minimize Therm

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In the process of laser separation, whether the thermal effect or the thermal effect will produce the effect on the circuit board and components? Will the cutting edge components be melted? The flexible circuit board or burn out? We understand that has relied on machinery / plate cutting, manual cutting, PCB designers and manufacturers and other forms of traditional plate equipment is very concerned about the laser processing will produce the bad processing. No wonder they continue to focus on laser pointer thermal effects, particularly their effects on components near the cutting line.In fact, for 50W power CO2 lasers, this concern is indeed necessary. But for the plate system with ultraviolet laser, the thermal effect region is no longer a problem.


Study of the heat affected zone produced by the German company LPKF UV laser on the board in the process, especially for high risk near the cutting edge of the components are destroyed in the board process may be studied. In other words, UV laser cutting line surrounding the thermal effect will be to what extent, its thermal effect will damage the cutting line near the components do?

The results show that the cutting thickness is close to the 1mm sensitive components with 15W ultraviolet laser and, even in the worst case, the maximum temperature of 100 degrees celsius. This temperature is only half the temperature of any PCB reflow soldering process that SMT has to experience. Obviously, UV laser panels will not be sensitive to sensitive components or circuit board substrate damage. The research on the effect of thermal effect will be more in-depth, but in the present research results, we can clearly conclude that the optimization of UV laser parameters can well control the temperature of the thermal effect region.


Different from CO2 laser, the laser power of ultraviolet laser board equipment is slightly lower, the highest power 15W can be, and CO2 laser to reach 50W or higher. In addition, our UV laser equipment parameters are easy to adjust. When processing thick plates, you can adjust the laser power to 15W. And when processing flexible materials you can reduce the high power laser pointer to 1W-3W. When the processing of flexible material or a specific plastic, you can also use the laser scanning, microsecond delay control between each scan to ensure proper cooling of heat affected zone, thus avoiding the one-time energy implementation of huge heat generated in the products above the agglomeration, this heat affected by near control wire protection components. But also through data processing to a certain part of the PCB board such as a component more protection nearby.

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UV Laser Panels Minimize Therm
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