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Stainless Steel Cable Strap Te

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Stainless Steel Cable Strap Tensioning Tool
This tool is specifically designed for use with coated or uncoated stainless steel cable ties.
It can be used to apply a large number of cable ties. Suitable for cable ties of thickness of up to 0.3mm and width up to 12mm.
This heavy-duty tie gun will serve you well for a long time to come and features a rugged construction and comfort plastic grips.
Whatever you are securing with cable ties, you need a fast and reliable way to get the job done,consider the Heavy-Duty.

a>. Heavy duty, two stage manual tensioning tool for stainless steel cable ties.
b>. For high volume applications.
c>. High strength construction for long life.
d>. Flush cutting.
e>. Easy to use providing strong,secure fixing of steel ties.
f>. For use will all roller ball ties.

Stainless Steel Cable Strap Tensioning Tool

Application Method For Product:
a>. Place the tie around the object to be secured.
b>. Insert the tail through the slot and into the rather jaw and tension by repeatedly pressing the tool handles together.
c>. After tensioning,pull the manual lever forwards, this will shear off the tail adjacent to the cable tie head.

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Stainless Steel Cable Strap Te
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