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Shower Room

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With our line of products, in gold, chrome and bronze, you can add flair and elegance to any bath or shower enclosure.
At HAOMEI, you’ll find thousands of aluminum profiles that are available in a variety of painted and anodized finishes that are waiting to come to the rescue when you’re in need of help. Whether it is glass and mirror trim, handles and door pulls, you can be sure to find them in Aluminum Warehouse.

Facts about HAOMEI: 
In HaoMei extrusion workshop, there are 26 extrusion presses of international advanced level, of which one set of 4000 tons, one set of 3600 tons, two sets of 2500 tons, five sets of 1800 tons, nine sets of 1250 tons and eight sets of 600 tons. The annual capacity of aluminium profiles is 150,000 tons
Every care is taken regarding the packaging and loading of the material into the container. Each bundle is packed according to the customer’s specifications and reinforced to guarantee the protection and safety of the goods whilst in transit. The bundles are then carefully stacked and loaded into the container using a steel trolley.

Upon arrival at Haomei in Qingyuan city, visitors will experience a harmonious development between human and nature. Regenerating inflammation system and hot-top technology are adopted with smelting and casting. Water recycling system is set up in powder coating and anodizing. Haomei product was granted the green label under ROHS standard and certified by Suggest.

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Shower Room
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