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Sunshine Room

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Nothing can brighten up a home more than one of Sunshine Rooms, solarium or sunroom structures. Even on the shady side of your house a Sunshine Rooms' glass or polycarbonate structure will give a feeling of space and light that is sure to lift your spirits.
Our sunrooms are truly beautiful and offer even the most discriminating customers the highest in quality and value.
Sunshine aluminum room is a quiet place form space that shelters you from wind and rain. It can produce the effect of warm in winter and cool in summer, maximize the economic effect of sunlight.
The biggest advantage of extruded aluminum alloy is plasticity, made a great contribution for the diversification of sun room. And aluminium louvres are very superior, waterproof and resistant to high temperature. The ervice life can also be very long, which makes it an cost-effective profile.

Properties of Haomei aluminium sunshine room:
1. Insulation: special hollow structure, can effectively reduce building energy consumption
2. Flame retardant
3. Impact resistance: good toughness, not easy to damage in transportation or installation
4. Ultraviolet-proof, anti-aging:
5. Sound insulation: hollow structure and polycarbonate resin has good sound insulation properties, can effectively reduce noise
6. Excellent weather-resistance
7. Easy to install

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Sunshine Room
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