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Curtain Rail

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Aluminium curtain track can be used for any size or shape of window, including bays, it's easy to bend by hand and lever lock supports enable straightforward ceiling or wall fixing. Please note, some curtain track is only suitable for light to medium weight curtains. Component parts may vary. Always tell us your requirements.
Household curtain rail is a beautiful curtain accessory used for the curtain suspension, convenient for opening and closing. Aluminum curtain rail is light qualitative with good plasticity and corrosion resistance property. More and more people turn to aluminium ally because it is affordable, fashionable and easy to maintain. Its metallic texture ensures to match with a variety of curtain fabrics.

Facts about HAOMEI:
Haomei Aluminium Co., Ltd has international advanced smelting equipments, including six 20-ton smelting furnaces, four casting furnaces and two homogenizing furnaces. The operating of these equipment has not only improved the production efficiency, but also stabilized the quality of aluminium bars and aluminium profiles.
The internal laboratories’ modern computerized control system ensures the quality of different alloy components. This high capacity of production enables HaoMei to meet all customers’ needs.
In HaoMei extrusion workshop, there are 26 extrusion presses of international advanced level, of which one set of 4000 tons, one set of 3600 tons, two sets of 2500 tons, five sets of 1800 tons, nine sets of 1250 tons and eight sets of 600 tons. The annual capacity of aluminium profiles is 150,000 tons
HaoMei can produce different series of alloys in architectural, industrial and automotive industry.
We handled more than 100 series and 8000 items. In addition to the 6000 series, we also developed 2000, 3000, 5000, 7000, etc.
With better mechanical properties, these series could easily replace steel components in different industries.

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Curtain Rail
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