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Car Cleaning Foam

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Car wash shops value the cleaning effect the most. They use magic sponges as car wash foam together with cleaning detergents. The magic cleaning effect help remove the stains of the car interiors. Magic sponges substitutes other car wash sponges due to the powerful cleaning effect. The cleaning principle is simple: the micro-structure of melamine sponge is as hard as glass.

Magic foam performs on stains like super-fine sandpaper. When applied with water, magic foam glides over the surface and remove stains using force of frictions. Applied with car wash detergents, magic sponges achieve powerful cleaning effects with half of efforts. This is the reason why magic sponges become popular in automobile accessory markets.

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FoamTech melamine car cleaning foam advantages:
-High open cell rate;
-uniform texture
-strong clean power

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Car wash sponge size and shipping:

The common MOQ is 25 cubic meters, which are a 20GP container load. For the first time customer, we would like to mix products for you to meet the MOQ. Customers can choose products to mix: melamine sheets, melamine foam bulks, melamine sponges with soap, compressed melamine sponges, melamine sponges with PU foam inside and so on.

OEM is also accepted. We need the package samples to be delivered to our place to ensure the quality of the package. Some customers require retailer packages. We are able to provide small packages to meet direct sales purpose.
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