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Professional Venues Acoustics

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In professional venues, acoustic performance is the key concern, especially for recording studios, concert halls, cinemas, KTV rooms. Melamine foam beats other traditional acoustic materials in terms of soundproofing. Melamine foam is even applied in NASA payload fairings as acoustic wall panels. In the architectures, melamine foam acoustical wall panels are applied to insulate sound and heat for wall panels, ceiling tiles, air-conditioning ducts, hot water tanks, pipe jacketing, furnaces and solar panels.

melamine foam wall panels
With the class A fire retardant feature, acoustic pyramid foam generates little smoke or drops when comes to fire. While other soundproofing materials need to be added with flame retardant additives, melamine foam is “naturally” flame retardant because it is foamed from melamine resins.

The excellent heat and sound insulation, natural flame retardant and ultra-light features render melamine foam the best choice for architectural acoustics.

Melamine acoustic insulation foam size and shipping:
The common size of each melamine foam bulk is 1250*350*2500mm. We also provide sliced and trimmed melamine foam sheets to meet different applications. The largest width is 1250mm and the largest height is 350mm, and no limits for the length.
The common MOQ is 25 cubic meters, which are a 20GP container load. For the first time customer, we would like to mix products for you to meet the MOQ. You can mix from a variety of products: melamine foam bulks, melamine foam sheets, pyramid melamine foam, melamine foam with aluminum paper or compressed melamine foam sheets and etc.

Noise Reduction Co-efficiency Chart:
curved acoustic ceiling panels Noise Reduction Co-efficiency

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Professional Venues Acoustics
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