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Public Vnues Acoustics

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In public venues, soundproof foam board materials are applied to improve acoustic performance, for example, churches, stadiums, libraries, meeting rooms and etc. Basotect acoustic foam is applied to insulate sound and heat for wall panels, ceiling tiles, air-conditioning ducts, hot water tanks, pipe jacketing, furnaces and solar panels.

basotect acoustic foam

Besides the application within walls and ceilings, melamine acoustic foam is also used as new materials of suspended acoustic panels. Compared with attached acoustic panels, suspended panels absorb much higher noises with more surfaces exposed to the air. When melamine foam is applied as suspended panels, the sound waves are reflected many times between the suspended panel and the ceiling, which improves the sound absorbing efficiency.
Melamine foam, compared with traditional fiberglass materials, is ultra light in weight. The mass density is under 12KG/m³. The “natural” class A fire retardant feature of melamine foam makes it popular in architectural acoustics.

sound shield acoustic foam panels

Melamine acoustic foam size and shipping:
As a soundproof foam board manufacturer, we provide custom sizes and shapes of sound shield acoustic foam panel. The regular export size is melamine foam bulks. We also provide trimmed sheets, boards, slabs and other shapes.
The normal size of soundproof foam board we produce is 1250mm in width, 350mm in height, and any size in length. The width of 1250mm meets most architectural requirements. If you have specific requirements, please talk to the sales by email or leave your message.

suspended acoustic ceiling

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Public Vnues Acoustics
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