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Pipe Insulation

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Melamine foam is a lightweight, open cell insulation materials, as an alternative to traditional insulation materials. Melamine foam as a wide temperature range, -200℃ and 240℃(-390℉ and 460℉), low smoke and drops properties. The thermal conductivity is 0.034 W/(m·K).

melamine pipe insulation

Melamine foam is easily trimmed and sliced on site during installation, compared to other insulation materials. Custom size is available in several sizes and shapes including preformed pipe insulation, fittings, sheets, die cut parts and v-grooved sheets to wrap around pipes. In addition to the thermal insulation, melamine foam also performs excellent soundproofing feature for factories.

Fabricated with jackets and coats, melamine pipe insulation maintains its elasticity and thermal insulation properties. The capability of working under extremely old climate makes melamine foam an optimal choice for LNG pipe insulation. Most insulation materials lose its properties around LNG pipes while melamine foam still keeps its elasticity and thermal insulation properties.

LNG pipe insulation

Melamine thermal foam size and shipping:
As pipe jacket insulation manufacturer, we provide custom sizes and shapes of melamine foam. The regular export size is melamine foam bulks. We also provide trimmed sheets, boards, slabs and other shapes.

The normal size of melamine foam we produce is 1250mm in width, 350mm in height, and any size in length. The width of 1250mm meets most industrial and architectural requirements. If you have specific requirements, please talk to the sales by email or leave your message.

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